-contents: kidnapping, mild bondage

Chapter 1
The room came into focus slowly, fading from pitch black to a not much brighter dungeon-like area. Coughing softly, Cris came to on a cold stone floor, lying on her stomach with one arm numbed under her own weight. Groaning quietly, she moved her arm out from under her and lifted up on her right, shaking her left out and frowning at the stinging sensation as feeling returned. Looking around and wincing slightly as a terrible headache lanced through her skull, her eyes slowly adjusted to the painfully dim lighting in the large area she was in. Black stone surrounded her, only a few inches to her right and behind, but at least twenty feet to her left and ten in front, and the smell of damp rock infiltrated her nostrils. She was apparently in an enormous dungeon, where she had absolutely no idea. Awkwardly trying to rise to her feet, she was stopped in a kneeling position and with a cry, she lost her balance and fell back on her side. Now she was clearly aware of a steel collar tightly affixed around her neck, which was attached to a thick chain that ran from a loop protruding from the floor.
Another cough made her wince and grasp at her forehead and she rose to a sitting position, legs to her side, taking in her surroundings more and trying to remember anything from before waking up in this nasty place. She inspected herself for injuries, assessing that she was more or less fine, aside from her headache, and her red flannel shirt, black cargo pants, and black shoes were dirtied but intact. Her immediate assumption was she was on one of her many expeditions and had been captured and taken hostage by whatever group decided it was a good idea to get an American ransom. But her assumption was quickly dissipated as her memories resurfaced.
She had been driving home from a fast food restaurant the night before, supposedly, when one of her tires inexplicably went out, forcing her to stop in the parking lot of an abandoned building. When she got out to check it with her cell phone in hand, she felt someone grab her from behind and before she could react, she felt a piercing pain in the crook between her neck and shoulder and everything quickly went black. Everything between that and waking up was blank. If that guardian is good for anything, he better rescue me from whatever the fuck this is, she thought.
Just then, the metal door in the middle of the wall in front of her opened, casting a bit more light into the dungeon. Cris shuffled back and pressed her back into the corner behind her, staring at the doorway uneasily. A tall figure emerged and shut the door, and gradually headed toward her, heavy footsteps echoing off the stone noisily. Narrowing her eyes up at the approaching person, she was barely able to make out a tall man with spiked black hair dressed in dark contemporary clothes. He stopped before her and crossed his arms, grinning down at her. "Ah hello there, little pet." He had a strange accent on his smooth, suave voice, one she had never heard before and couldn't really compare to any others. She frowned in response and he simply chuckled lightly.
"No need to be afraid, girl. I'm glad you've finally woken up, I've been wanting to speak to you since your arrival. But before we begin, I must not forget my manners. My name is Rae; it is a great pleasure to meet you, Cris."
She narrowed her eyes, this time not from the darkness. "..How do you know my name?.." She was vaguely taken aback by the hoarseness and grogginess of her own voice.
Rae chuckled again, which gave her an aggravating sense of patronization. "There's no need to worry about petty details at this time. I'm sure you're much more concerned with how you got here, and more importantly, why. Well, not to move us along at an uncomfortable pace, but let's just say you're an important asset at this time and worth quite a bit of money. Or in this case, resources." He smiled, and this time not so gently. "I had you brought here to satisfy the preferences of a certain well-paying client. And I must profess my gratitude, acquiring you couldn't have possibly been easier."
Cris glared at him, clearly having heard enough. She regained her voice in her anger, sitting up and pulling against the chain at her neck. "Who the fuck are you? What are you talking about? Are you saying you're gonna fucking sell me, like a slave or something?"
He smiled at her as if she were a little girl who couldn't comprehend much beyond the differences of colors. "In a manner of speaking. I'll be fetching a good price for you, and for the service of training you. You see, the buyer has very particular needs to be satisfied and with him being in such an important position, how can I say no? I'm sure it will be a pleasure working with you, Cris."
Nearly unable to take what he was saying, she shook her head slowly before sitting back down, staring up at him. "..You can't be serious. This isn't real.... Wait." She suddenly smiled awkwardly, looking around almost expectantly. "Wait, this is a prank isn't it? Yeah, okay, funny, where's the cameras? You got me."
Rae blinked at her in mild confusion, before smiling slightly. "I'm afraid I don't have any idea what you're talking about, dear girl. I believe the drugs haven't quite left your system. I suppose I'll leave you for a little while until you're feeling better." He watched her expression drain from hopeful amusement to fearful disappointment, smiling the whole time, before turning and exiting.
Cris watched him go until the metal door slammed shut heavily, leaving her once again alone in the dim, humid dungeon chained to the floor. She leaned back against the corner and pulled her knees up against her chest and stared at the floor, taking in her current situation and trying to keep herself calm while she formulated plans of escape. She hadn't been trained for wartime hostage situations for nothing, after all.

-contents: mild bondage, drugging

Chapter 2
The quiet squeaking noise of the door opening roused Cris back from a light sleep. She blinked her eyes and looked up, tired, watching the doorway. The lack of windows or a watch made it impossible to tell what time it was, though it didn't matter much since she didn't have a clue as to where she even was. The door shut and this time two sets of footsteps headed toward her. Fear set in and Cris sat up a little, bracing herself. Rae emerged from the darkness before her, accompanied by a somewhat muscular man about the same height, with messy brown hair and a severe face, dressed in baggy black pants, black boots, and a white sleeveless shirt. The two gazed down at her and the brunette man finally muttered in a gruff voice, "This is her?"
Rae smiled serenely at him. "Yes. She may be a bit difficult to work with, but I'm sure it won't be anything you can't handle."
The man stared down at her as if harshly inspecting a new car, before giving a single nod. "She's not bad. I still don't see what's so special about her, but whatever."
Cris narrowed her eyes, clearly agitated, and Rae seemed to stop before saying something. He turned his smile on her and knelt down. "Forgive me, Cris. I didn't mean to be so rude. This is Malik, your new trainer. He'll be teaching you everything you need to know for your new master. No worries, you're in excellent hands." He stood up and opened his mouth to speak to Malik, but was cut off.
"What the fuck do you mean, trainer? Master? This is ridiculous! Let me go. You won't get away with this, you know. People will be looking for me." Cris glowered furiously up at the two.
Rae and Malik turned their gazes on her, both mildly surprised by the outburst. Rae gave way to amusement, though Malik frowned in irritation. "Who do you think you're talking to, slave," Malik muttered almost dangerously, but stopped at the touch of Rae's hand to his arm.
"Please, save the training for later. She needs to regain some of her strength and I don't really want to be exposed to any violence if I can help it."
Cris blurted out, "Oh I'll expose you to some violence, you bastard! Just wait, you'll wish you never heard my name!"
Rae chuckled and gripped Malik's arm, who seemed to be quickly losing patience. "Let's go, she's obviously hungry." He glanced at Cris with a warm smile, "Don't worry, girl, I'll be back later with some nice hot food for you. We can't have you weak and easily injured, you have a lot of training to go through in a short period of time."
With that, the two turned and walked away, leaving Cris dumbfounded. "...Easily injured..? What the fuck.." She paused for a few moments before slumping back down and buried her face in her arms.
Cris snapped her head around as the door once again opened before straightening and waiting for the single set of footsteps to approach. Rae walked up, carrying a large platter of food that simply smelled incredible, mostly because of Cris' mercilessly cramping stomach. She frowned at him as he knelt and placed the platter before her. A plate of roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans with almonds rested there steaming along with a large glass of iced water and a smaller plate with an impressive piece of strawberry cheesecake. She stared at it and couldn't help but feel her mouth immediately begin to water, and after a second, she was snapped out of her trance as Rae spoke gently, "Well are you going to watch it get cold, or are you going to eat?"
She looked up to see him smiling at her and she sneered and turned away. "I'm not touching anything."
Rae frowned. "Why not? We both know you're starving."
"Because for one thing, I don't know if you poisoned or drugged it, and for another thing, I'd rather starve to death than be subjected to what you're putting me through."
He sighed. "You humans have too high of a survival instinct. I know you'll do anything to survive, it's a rather fortunate trait to have, really." Standing up slowly, he watched her for a moment. "..Please eat. You need your health and strength." Without waiting for an answer, he turned and exited, leaving the platter in front of her.
Cris kept her head turned toward the wall until the door shut, then slowly turned her gaze back on the food laid out before her, practically drooling. She let out a heavy exhale, staring at it, considering. Finally, another stomach cramp left her little choice but to dig in. Moving over to the platter, she ate heartily, stuffing her mouth as if she were a starving animal. Within minutes both plates were licked clean and the glass was void of even the ice cubes. Stomach full to nearly aching, she leaned back into her corner after pushing the platter away, instantly regretting her decision to eat. Rae was right, though, the human survival instinct was a terribly powerful force, nearly impossible to fight. She frowned and rested her face in her arms for a little bit, before suddenly feeling surprisingly drowsy.
As her head began to bob slowly up and down and her eyelids grew irresistibly heavy, she couldn't help but get the last thought that Rae must have drugged her food to make her sleep, which made her doubly regretful. But she didn't have much time to regret, as she fell onto her side and quickly succumbed to sleep.

-contents: safe

Chapter 3
"What do you mean she's gone?"
Cody frowned, his cross-dimensional transmitter pressed to his ear inside Cris' apartment. Cris had been missing for about two hours and now he had no idea how to get hold of her. She wouldn't answer her cell phone and he had no idea how else to try to reach her. So he called his Association contact for help. And she wasn't a very patient lady.
"I mean, she's been gone for two hours, and I don't know how to contact her. Her cell phone goes straight to voice-mail."
"How stupid are you," the stern female voice on the other end scolded. "She's your responsibility, go find her. Cell phones are the only reliable method of distant communication on that plane. If she won't answer her cell phone, then go look for her. Really, Cody, it's not that hard to figure out."
Cody nodded, looking a little agitated by her pushy attitude. "Right.. Okay I'll find her. Sorry to bother you." He ended the transmission before waiting for an answer and immediately left in the direction of this fast food place she said she was going. He had tried to go with her, but she refused, saying she wanted to drive alone and promised she would be back in twenty minutes tops. But this was two hours ago, and now he knew he should've pressed the issue. But now wasn't the time to linger, he had to find her, and fast.
He had no idea where anything was on this plane, but luckily the Association had filled his transmitter with all the information he could possibly need about his new home. It didn't take him long to find the exact location of the place she supposedly went to, and the most likely route she would have taken, and he headed off.
Trying his best to ignore any wierd looks he got from passersby, he kept his eyes forward, walking down the side of the road. He quickly found he preferred travelling by night than day, enjoying the lack of activity and feeling of cover. It didn't take long before he spotted her dark red Corvette parked in a dark parking lot. Frowning, he picked it up to a jog and reached it shortly.
He went up to the driver side window and peered in to find it empty, then wandered around the front and narrowed his eyes when he noticed the front left tire was busted. Moving slowly back toward the driver side, he felt his foot hit something, sending it sliding a foot away. Curious, he picked it out in the dim street-lighting and picked it up, inspecting it. It was Cris' phone, now with a small crack across the screen, apparently from being dropped. Now clearly suspicious, he scanned up and down the road, then to the shut up building that owned the parking lot.
Suddenly he lifted his head and sniffed at the air. He had caught a whiff of something, something very familiar, making him frown in confusion. "Dydani," he muttered to himself. The scent had to have drifted in through a plane portal, he could quite easily pick up the distinct smell of some specific flowers that grew in Dydani, his home plane.
He pulled out his transmitter, shoving Cris' phone into his pocket, and paused, looking at his own for a moment. Considering the way he had been treated the last time he called for help, he figured it probably wouldn't be a good idea to bother Maya again. Being pretty high on the leadership ladder, he didn't even have a clue why she had been assigned his contact, with how busy and impatient she was. He merely shrugged and returned his transmitter to his pocket and instead pulled out a portable plane ripper. Glancing about cautiously, he quickly moved around behind the abandoned building and fiddled with his ripper.
He didn't have much experience using these, as they were only legal in the hands of Dydani official enforcers and the Guardian Association. Finally managing to remember how to open a portal back to Dydani, which was probably the easiest plane to travel to anyway, he pointed it at the back wall of the building and clicked the execute button. Slowly, a tiny swirling vortex of black and white formed on the wall, before gradually growing larger and larger until it was a vertical oval just large enough to fit Cody. Without hesitation, he entered the portal.

-contents: bondage, teasing

Chapter 4
Eyes fluttering, Cris woke to a nudging feeling on her leg. As the darkness gained a bit of light and slowly came into focus, she looked up groggily to see Rae and Malik standing over her, the former with a vaguely amused smile, latter frowning sternly. Coughing quietly, she moved to sit up, but immediately found she was unable to move as the collar around her neck was now pulled taut to the floor underneath her. Instantly beginning to struggle, she suddenly realized her arms and legs were also bound to the floor in chains, wrists crossed above her head and knees bent with her ankles pressed on their sides. Looking down as effectively as she could in her momentary panic, she found herself completely nude.
Letting out a fearful cry, she struggled more fiercely at the shackles mercilessly holding her down, glancing up at the two males staring down at her. "L-Let me go! Let me fucking go! What are you doing?! Please!!"
"Now, now," Rae said gently, kneeling down and looking into her eyes as his amusement seemed to rise with her fear, "No struggling, you'll hurt yourself. Malik is going to start the training today, I'm certain you'll end up enjoying yourself. After all, your future master is a very generous man." He rose back to his feet and looked casually to Malik.
Keeping his gaze set straight on Cris, he knelt and slowly slid his hand up her inner thigh, quite serious the whole time. Frantically but pathetically writhing against the bindings, Cris gave a cry of protest, staring at his hand in apprehension. "Pleeaase.. please don't do anything to me.. I didn't do anything to you.. please.."
Malik halted his hand and glowered at her. "Shut your mouth, girl. You'll speak when spoken to only... Besides, your begging is disgusting." After staring into her eyes piercingly for a moment to get the point across, he returned his attention to her thigh, finally reaching her crotch.
Ignoring her noises and movements, he rested his hand atop her mound and pressed his thumb to her clit, rubbing it gingerly, slowly, causing her to shudder. "Interesting.."
Rae looked down at him questioningly and Malik answered without returning his gaze, instead fixed on Cris' sex. "She's already wet." Rae brought a hand to his chin thoughtfully, but said nothing.
As if testing the temperature of a hot soup before indulging, Malik pressed the tip of his thumb against her hole and just barely slid it in. Cris arched her back with a prolonged cry as she continued to writhe tirelessly, staring down her body at him. "Uuhhh.. please.. please stop..."
He frowned and withdrew his hand, sending Cris into a limp, panting pile, and looked up at Rae. "I don't know about this, she's extremely aroused by bondage, apparently."
Rae sighed softly. "Well that's not what our friend wants. You know what he wants, and that's what he's going to get. Can you do the job or will I have to find someone.. more competent?" His eyes gave a dangerous flash, though his expression remained the same of mild concern. Malik stood quickly, clearly taken aback by the subtle anger, and shook his head.
"No, I can do it.. it just might take longer, and require more attention and patience than I was expecting. I'm going to have to make a complete turn around of her desires, which will take a lot of positive and negative reinforcement, especially with this short deadline."
"Very well." Rae looked away and crossed his arms, appearing mildly irritated. "Do what you need to do. You know what Evero wants, give it to him. Understand?" He turned his eyes back on Malik expectantly.
Malik bowed his head in response. "I understand. I'll take care of it."
Rae smiled vaguely and nodded. "Good. Well then, you go ahead and do what you need to do. I'm going to enjoy some fine dining, unless you prefer my supervision..?"
"No, I work better alone anyway. Enjoy."
With that, Rae left, letting the heavy metal door slam shut behind him. Malik looked back down at Cris and frowned. "Well, it seems we have a lot of work to do, girl. This is going to be a lot more trouble than I signed up for."
Cris stared at him pleadingly, back at writhing against the chains and whimpering. "Please, I'll do anything you want if you just let me go.. I have money, I'll pay you.. I swear I'll never say anything about this.. I'll forget the whole thing.. please.."
Malik squeezed the bridge of his nose with his fingers and shut his eyes, frustrated. "I thought I told you to shut up. You're giving me a headache with all your yelping."
"Please!.. Please, I mean what I say, I'm serious, just let me go.. People will be looking for me.. You won't get away with this either wa-AAHH!" She gave a sharp cry as Malik stomped on one side of her ribcage, hard enough to cause a good amount of pain but not enough to break anything.
He glared at her angrily as she whimpered and tears formed in her eyes. "I told you to shut the fuck up. Maybe I'll just leave you chained to the floor here without anything to eat for awhile, would you prefer that?"
She turned her head away silently, trembling and noiselessly sobbing. Malik sighed and removed his boot from her body, "You're a real source of trouble already, and you haven't even started your training yet. What a pain."
He turned away for a moment, staring at the floor, before cracking his knuckles loudly. "Well, might as well get started now."

-contents: safe

Chapter 5
Stepping out onto yellow stone, Cody entered the realm of Dydani, the portal closing up behind him. Early morning streamed overhead in blues and oranges, slowly transforming the sky to light purple, and the cool wet air was a welcome greeting. Smiling slightly and letting the moisture dapple his face, Cody paused for a moment to look around. The portal had lead him to the square of some town. Stone buildings surrounded the square and a single silver gazebo stood in the middle decorated with golden streamers and flowers. This must be Kyvesa, Cody thought. His assumption was proven correct when he spotted the Crowned Swan Inn with its elaborate wooden sign depicting a regal white swan with a golden crown atop its head. He'd only been here a couple other times, but being a small, out of the way town it was fairly friendly and peaceful, though not memorable in the least.
Coming back to his mission, he frowned and headed to the inn. Walking in, he found the place nearly dead, but walked up to counter regardless and leaned against the top. The keeper, a young female Ineith with a curly red mane and a quaint blue and white dress, smiled cheerfully. "Hello! What can I do for you?"
"Hey. I'm trying to find someone, I'm not sure where she could have gone. I'm hoping she came through here very recently."
The she-cat kept up her smile and nodded, "Of course, what does she look like?"
"Well.." Cody paused for a moment, before fishing around in his pocket and retrieving Cris' phone. As the female watched him curiously, he pressed some buttons on it before finally evoking a picture of her. He held it up to show the keeper the picture and she looked at it thoughtfully, before smiling.
"Mm, I don't think I've seen her.. She doesn't look familiar to me. I'm sorry!"
Frowning, Cody lowered the phone and stared at the picture as the keeper turned away and continued with her previous business. The picture depicted her in front of a shaded creek in a soft white tunic shirt and jeans, with her hair swaying gently in a breeze, apparently a picture taken by someone she knew some time before. A small smile graced his lips looking at her caught in such a cute pose, and he didn't even realize he was admiring her. He had been with her for a bit of time now, a good few months, and despite the boring nature of his new assignment, he found he liked working with Cris. She was different and pretty, calm yet wouldn't take crap from anyone, and as a plus, she loved cats.
"You looking for a girl?"
Cody jumped, startled out of his thoughts by a slightly gruff voice from behind him. He turned with a frown to find a grizzled gray Ineith standing behind him, wearing a dark cloak with the hood pulled over his drooping ears. The stranger took a place next to Cody at the counter and leaned, looking down at the picture on the phone. "Hmm, yeah I know her."
Narrowing his eyes, Cody stared at the man. "You do? Do you know where she is?"
The male gave a crooked smile at the picture. "Pretty little thing..." His eyes came up to meet Cody's, who now looked pretty suspicious. "I might know where she is... but then again, my memory has been fading pretty bad these last few years..." That questionable grin was still plastered on his face.
Cody balled a hand into a fist, anger clearly flashing on his face. "Look, I'm a member of the Guardian Association, tell me whatever it is you know or I'll report you for aiding in a kidnapping."
The male smiled widely and brought his hands up as if in surrender. "Alright, alright, boy... You got me." Placing his forearms back on the counter and leaning comfortably, his eyes drifted back down to the picture and his tail twitched. "Rumor has it she was carted through here last night toward Qean Manor. I'm not sure what they have planned for her up there, but knowing who lives there, I'm sure it's something diabolical..."
"Qean Manor?" Cody frowned and looked around the inn in confusion, then back at the man. "Qean Manor has been empty for decades... hasn't it?"
"It was. Until some filthy vampire moved in. Nobody likes him being up there, but nobody has proof that he's been doing anything illegal, so he can stay there as long as he wants."
Cody narrowed his eyes. "Vampire? When did that happen?"
"Oh not too long ago, a year or so. There was a lot of construction and cleaning up going on up there for a little while, but things quieted down after about six months. Nobody knows what that thing is doing up there, but then again nobody is brave enough to go find out, either." He grinned that unnerving toothy grin again.
"..Alright. Thank you for your time." With that, Cody hurried out of the inn, stuffing Cris' phone into his pocket as he went. If that old Ineith was right, Cris could be in some serious trouble. Vampires had never had a good reputation in Dydani, or any other plane for that matter, but here at least they were treated with fair respect by the government unless they did something to prove themselves evil. And far more often than not, that ended up being the case.
Qean Manor was pretty far off, definitely not close enough to walk. He would have to take a lana*. Luckily, he had spotted a stable nearby the inn, and he headed for it with purpose. Walking in, a little tinkling sounded at his entrance; apparently the doorway was enchanted with a bell charm. Instantly, the stable keeper jumped up and approached Cody enthusiastically. The middle-aged male Ineith with brown hair took Cody's hand and shook it, smiling broadly.
"Welcome, welcome! Can I interest you in a mule? Or maybe a leima*? No no, I know what you like! A pelesit*!"
"No, thank you," Cody interrupted, taking back his hand but managing a small smile. "I just need to get to Qean Manor, so a lana-"
"Qean Manor?!" Suddenly the man look rather uneasy. "Why in Queen's nether regions would you want to go there??"
He frowned. "Well, my assignment disappeared, and apparently that's where she's at right now.."
"Your assignment? You mean you're with the GA?"
Cody nodded.
The male brought his hands to the sides of his head. "Oh good doppelganger, your assignment is at QEAN MANOR?? Oh goddess above, how could you allow her to go there?? What in graces did she think she would find there??"
"Okay, calm down, please." Whatever this guy had been drinking, he needed to quit. "I think she may have been kidnapped-"
"KIDNAPPED??" Cody immediately regretted telling this man anything. "I knew that despicable good-for-nothing vampire was up to something! I knew it! Something must be done! Here! Take one of my rocs*, go up there and get your girl back. I don't care if I never see the stupid bird again, as long as you gather enough evidence to get that filthy vampire judged and executed!"
With a sigh, Cody took the key from the persistent man and looked at it. "But.. can I just have a lana? I don't like rocs."
"Listen, boy, take the roc. It'll get you there much faster than any dumb lana. You look more than capable, now go! Quickly!"
Before he could protest further, the man had already rushed off to some back office area. Cody brought his hand up and slapped his forehead. A roc. If it had been anything but a roc, he would've been happy.
* lana - a large two-legged lizard resembling a velociraptor, but eats small reptiles and fruits, often used as mounts
* leima - a large green mammal that looks like a cross between a horse and a gazelle, often used as mounts
* pelesit - a small imp-like shape-shifting demon often captured and used as multi-purpose slaves and mounts
* roc - an enormous hawk-like bird with feather colors from brown to black, generally used as flying mounts

-contents: bondage, rape

Chapter 6
Malik stood over Cris, arms crossed and watching her calmly as she writhed against her bindings. "You're going to be a tricky one, seeing as you become so easily aroused being forced."
She sneered at him in return. "I'm not tricky, just resistant. You're raping me right now and you won't get away with it, I will make sure you and your fucking friend have nothing - NOTHING - by the time I'm through with you!.."
For once, Malik smirked a little at her defiance. "You're not really in any position to be doing anything like that. Once I'm through with you, you'll be the pretty little callgirl of some spoiled noble living on a hill somewhere. You should really count yourself lucky, you'll live a life of luxury and your only job will be to have sex. Doesn't that sound inviting?"
"No, actually it sounds extremely degrading," she bared her teeth. "You know how successful I am? I'm not some whore off the street, I'm a fucking celebrity!"
He rolled his eyes. "Why do you think we abducted you? Lord Evero didn't -want- some random whore off the street, he wanted someone worth something. And you, girl, are worth quite a bit. In any case, that's enough talk, I have work to do."
Her eyes widened as he knelt before her and touched her thigh. "NO- no! No, stop, please.. Really, stop.."
Malik gazed at her indifferently. His hand crawled up her leg and across her stomach, before brushing the edge of one of her breasts. Her murmurings and whimpers meant nothing to him as he leaned over her and tweaked her nipple between his fingers, causing her to wince. "There's only one way," he muttered to himself, staring at his victim's face. He rose and walked around behind her, to a spot where she couldn't see him.
She whimpered as she turned her head about fruitlessly, frightened by the sounds of objects being moved around behind her. Finally, he moved back around to her outstretched legs, wielding a large blue vibrator in one hand, and a small silver bullet in the other. Cris' eyes fell on the vibrator and another whimper rose from her throat. "No.. please, please, please, I'm begging you.. Please just let me go.."
Malik made a face at her. "Why do you keep complaining? It's not like you don't enjoy it. But too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing, and that's what I'm planning to do to you."
Fear became clear as day on her face and she shook her head. "Please don't do anything to me.. I'll.. I'll do what you want.. I'll go to that Evero guy or whoever, just please stop hurting me.."
He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at her. "Well it's too late for that now, girl. You should've said something earlier, because now I think you're just lying. Besides, you have to be trained now, to get rid of your bondage fetish and replace it with willing generosity."
Tears began stinging her eyes as she shook her head, trying to wish away this nightmare. Malik again kneeled before her on his knees as she writhed helplessly against her binds. Pushing the trembling bullet just inside her and eliciting a long moan from her, he turned his focus on the enormous vibrator. It already looked slick with some kind of lubrication, and as she pulled pathetically at the chains, Cris couldn't help but feel herself lose control just staring at the monster toy in addition to the sensation already produced by the bullet inside her. Panting and sweating, she whimpered as Malik turned the vibe to a low purr and brought it down on her pussy. A loud moan escaped from her as the delicious vibrations caressed her silken pink folds, sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. She arched her back and rolled her head, unable to contain her noises of bliss. He slid the thing up and down her sex slowly, as if testing, watching her carefully. After a minute, he turned the dial to a more powerful vibration and pressed it a little harder to her sensitive area, causing her to cry out and jerk. The volume of her moans rose with the strength of the vibrator, and Malik prodded the end against her opening, producing a soft clinking sound as the tip nudged against the bullet.
She looked down as best she could and shuddered at the feeling, still writhing. "No-oohhhh... pl-eeaassee.... aaahhhhhhh...."
Wordlessly, Malik wrapped his hand tightly around the base of the toy and shoved it as hard as he could, burying it halfway into her cunt and forcing the bullet even further. Cris let out a deafening scream as it filled her up, feeling her pussy squeeze around the invading toys. He held it still for a moment, before pulling it back out at an almost agonizingly slow speed and pressed it against her opening once more. She whimpered loudly, staring up at the ceiling. Without warning, again he shoved it in, managing to get the majority of it deep inside her, and again she screamed in mingled pain and pleasure, feeling the bullet press against her cervix. After holding it still for a moment, he proceeded to move it in and out of her slowly, pulling it out to the slightly flared head before plunging it back deeply within, keeping a methodic pace. Cris cried out in torment and ecstasy as he fucked her with the vibrator, eyes rolling back and body trembling as she continued to fight the shackles with no success.
Her screams increased as Malik upped the intensity of the vibrator to max and moved it at a faster pace, moving her body back with each inward thrust and causing her breasts to bounce. As if moved by the sight, he shifted to lean over her and, without missing a thrust, reached up to pinch one of her nipples and roll it between his fingers. Cris shuddered at his touching and looked up into his face through half-lidded eyes, but was met with a straight face uneffected by her cries. His assessing stare only seemed, to her dismay, to turn her on even more.
Almost as if he had read her mind, he murmured, "Come." Gritting her teeth, she squeezed her eyes shut and arched her back as the sparks of an orgasm flooded her brain. Everything lost focus as her mouth gaped and her eyes rolled up, letting out a tremendous cry as she let loose on the vibrating toy. A full ten seconds of blind relish and she collapsed in a heap on the floor, sweating and panting heavily with a few occasional whimpers.
Malik withdrew the vibrator and turned it off, looking at her. "That was unexpectedly easy. I didn't even have to do anything extra."
"...Fuck... you..." Cris managed through her gasping. She lifted her head as the sound of the whirring reached her ears again and she narrowed her eyes. "What... No.. not again, please.." A shudder ran through her body and her head tilted back as the vibrator was pressed against her folds again, the soft vibrations stimulating her now overly sensitive area. She gave a long moan, turning her eyes down on Malik's face, which merely gazed back at her emotionlessly.
"You're going to have orgasms until you just can't take anymore." He watched her face contort with the vibrations and rubbing against her sex mixed with the despair of her predicament. "Everyone breaks eventually, and you're no exception." With that, he plunged the vibrator deep inside her once more, causing her to jerk and scream, followed by a piteous whimper.

-contents: safe

Chapter 7
Cody headed from the roc toward the enormous door of the manor. Luckily, there had been a hitching post not far from where he managed to land, to which he secured the giant bird. The flight had been horrendous, as he had expected. Not only was the creature stupid and stubborn, but the saddle was awkward and uncomfortable, not to mention the rough movement through the air and the strong winds which blew his hair to disaster. A roc, it had to have been a roc.
Shaking his head, he ruffled his hair in attempt to straighten it, and only partially succeeded. He simply gave a sigh and reached the door, giving a loathing side-long glance at the roc tied to the post, and was met with the idiotic and mean gaze of the bird. With another shake of his head, he reached out and grabbed the knocker on the wooden door and banged it a few times, causing the loud, unnerving sound of iron on wood. As he waited for an answer, he turned his gaze down either side of the front of the building. It was very impressive, seeming to go on in either direction for a mile, with elegant gray stone walls and ivy and rose vines crawling along the stones from kempt dark green bushes. Though, despite the beauty of the setting, Cody couldn't help but get an eerie feeling poking at the back of his head.
He looked up as the door was opened slowly and a young male Pannis* emerged, dressed in a smart but inexpensive outfit of dark colors. Cody had never seen a Pannis before, though he knew they were often captured and sold as slaves among differing planes.. He was surprised that Dydani even still allowed slavery of any species, but demons in general proved troublesome enough that he supposed it wasn't a moral problem.
"May I help you, sire," the Pannis bowed his head, the enchanted slave charm dangling from one of his twisted horns like some sadistic ornament.
Cody cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Uh.. well I'm looking for someone, and heard she might be here. I was hoping to talk to the guy who lives here now, or something.."
The Pannis gave a small smile, showing his numerous pointy teeth. "You mean Master Rae. Right this way, and I will call to him immediately." He stepped back and motioned for Cody to enter, who followed him uneasily, turning his sight in every possible direction upon his entrance.
The main hall was more enormous than could have been expected. Dark polished wood and smooth white marble constructed the beautiful area, with a gigantic silver and crystal chandelier hanging high above underneath a domed roof. Directly at the back was a massive staircase covered in crimson velvet, leading up to a wide balcony that traveled across all four walls overhead, and leading to what appeared to be various hallways and rooms. To either side were huge open sunrooms, both decorated with pristine white furniture and large fireplaces. Hues of blue lit up the rooms, reflected from round stained glass skylights depicting pegasi prancing through open skies.
"This is quite a place. It's almost hard to believe nobody was even living here a year ago."
The Pannis gave a courtly nod. "Indeed. The Master worked hard to clean and refurnish. Please, come this way and have a seat, Sir...?" He looked at him quizzically, never losing his unnervingly docile behavior.
The Pannis nodded with his wierd smile and motioned for Cody to head into the sunroom on the left. He followed and allowed himself to be seated on one of the large white couches, finding it very soft and luxurious. "Would you like anything to eat or drink while you await the Master?" Cody looked up at the demon and shook his head. "Very well. The Master will be with you as soon as possible." With that, he walked off to an adjoining room and disappeared, leaving Cody in that eerily serene room. The strange feeling kept pricking at him, as if there was something going on that he had no idea of, and it wasn't good, but he again shook it off and waited quietly.
After about fifteen minutes, Cody looked up at the approach of a young man dressed in black with spiked black hair and horribly pale skin. He frowned immediately at the feeling he got from this guy, like evil and blood twined together in unholy copulation. Cody's expression seemingly going unnoticed by the man, he smiled with dignity, his overly elongated canine teeth gleaming in the blue light. He approached and took a seat in one of the large fluffy white chairs near Cody's couch and gave a light bow of his head.
"Hello there, it seems you have reason to visit me in my humble abode. I'm Rae, the master of Qean Manor. Pleased to meet you, Cody."
Managing to suppress his look of suspicion, Cody returned the smile, if a little hesitantly. "Good to meet you too. Uh, well I just came by to see if a girl was here for whatever reason. See, I'm with the Guardian Association and she's my assignment, and she disappeared and I've been hearing stories about a girl being brought up here. I don't mean to invade your privacy, but I was hoping you could help me out?..."
Rae, who had been listening with utmost interest, now nodded in understanding. "A girl, you say. What does this girl look like, if I might ask?"
Cody reached into his pocket and pulled out the phone once more, brought up the picture, and held it out to him. Rae took it gently and gazed at it for a moment, before handing it back and giving a strange smile. "Why yes, I know her. A delightful and polite creature, and very lovely. She's staying here as a guest, but I believe she's making very good progress."
Cody narrowed his eyes as he replaced the phone to his pocket. "Progress..?"
"Yes, she wasn't in right condition when we found her, so we brought her here to help her. We've been showing her the best comfort and food we can muster, I assure you."
"She's hurt? What happened?" Cody suddenly felt a twinge of fear, along with the utter confusion from what this man was telling him. Something didn't add up.
"Well, I can show you to her, if you'd like. There's no need to worry, we've been taking very good care of her."
He nodded, "Yeah, actually, that would be terrific. I'd like to see her and make sure she's alright. You can tell me what happened after that."
Rae's teeth gleamed with his strange smile. "Of course. I'll show you to her personally." He stood and headed into an adjacent room, followed closely by a nervous Cody.
* Pannis - a small demon with varying skin tones and swept back horns on the head, infamous for stealing livestock on different planes, often captured and sold as slaves with enchantments

-contents: bondage, rape, violence

Chapter 8
Cris' cries echoed off the stone walls, only adding to the harsh atmosphere. After fucking her mercilessly with that giant vibrator for a good three hours, he had unchained her and hoisted her exhausted body up onto a torture table and tied her arms and legs over the sides with rough, thick ropes. Growing bored, he withdrew yet again after tying her down, leaving her limp and moaning quietly, still burdened by the vibrating bullet deep inside her.
He looked at her trembling form for a moment. "Considering how easy it is to get you off, I'm surprised at how long it's taking you to just break. Normally it only takes a few forced orgasms to make a girl cooperate."
Cris coughed and shuddered. "..I.. I don't care.. what you do to me.. I won't do what you want.. I won't..." Her voice was weak and quiet between her panting, but there was truth in her words.
Malik sighed. "I can keep this up for days, even weeks if I have to, girl. Unfortunately, I have a deadline to meet, so I have to hurry up the process, and that means few breaks for me. You know what that means for you, right?"
No answer.
"It means I'm not going to go easy on you. If I can't have breaks, you're going to be punished for it." He paused again, watching her, but she continued to remain silent save for her heavy breathing and whimpers.
With a frown, he stepped away and Cris struggled to look up at the sound of shuffling. A small cry escaped her as he returned with some crazy looking machine and positioned it before her spread legs. It resembled a black box on stilts with a dildo even larger than the vibrator attached to a pole. A fucking machine. She whimpered loudly.
"Please don't... oh god, I can't take anymore.. please.."
Ignoring her, Malik moved it so the tip of the cock was snuggled against her hole, looking like a monster compared to her tiny slit. He stepped around to the back of the box and flipped a switch, whirring the machine to life. Without warning, the dildo shoved itself inside her, then back out, then back in, at a slow, steady speed. Cris gave an immense cry and shuddered, bending her head back over the edge of the table and pulling helplessly at her binds. Malik watched her strain for a few minutes, before turning a dial and increasing the speed, bringing another loud cry and succession of moans from Cris.
The trainer watched her, before idly undoing the zipper of his pants and pulling forth his impressive hardon. Stroking it slowly, he moved around her, keeping his eyes on her screaming, writhing body, before stopping at her draping head. Her eyes widened at the sight of his large dick and her cries lowered significantly, which caused a tiny smile on Malik's face.
"What's the matter, do I turn you off?"
Cris trembled and turned her gaze up to his face, unable to make much of an expression of denial through her crazed pleasure. "D-Don't... don't touch me... don't..."
Malik rolled his eyes. "I've already been touching you, what difference will my cock make now?" Without waiting for an answer, he reached down with his free hand and pulled her hair down tightly, causing her to squeeze her eyes shut and cry out. "You're going to suck me, and if I feel teeth, you'll fucking regret it. Got it?"
He pressed the head against her mouth, which she had managed to shut with clamped teeth before he could make a move. Frustrated, he yanked her hair downward again, causing her let out a pained screech, and took advantage of her open lips. Shoving himself deeply into her mouth, he proceeded to skull fuck her, pulling on her hair and thrusting his hips slowly, driving himself deep into her throat. Cris gagged and choked between her cries, tears forming and rolling down from the pain and humiliation. Her eyes, however, rolled up from the intense pleasure she was somehow getting from this torment, and she could quickly feel herself lose control like she already had multiple times. If this kept up, she really would break, she feared.
Malik suddenly stopped with half his cock stuck in her mouth as the sound of the door opening screeched through the dungeon. His eyes narrowed in agitation at this interruption. Footsteps approached, and Rae and some other male emerged from the darkness. The look on the other male's face on falling on Malik's victim was priceless.
Cris suddenly exploded at the sound of the voice, writhing violently and screaming loudly, yanking her mouth from Malik's cock and yelling. "CODY-CODY HELP ME!! PLEASE FUCKING HELP ME! THEY'RE HURTING ME!!"
Malik yanked her hair downward, causing a cry of pain and he shoved his cock back in her mouth, touching the back of her throat and drowning her screams to muffled unintelligable noises and gags. Cody's eyes narrowed dangerously and he turned to look at Rae, but was instantly met with a sharp pain in the side of his neck. He grunted and clapped a hand over the wound, jumping back from Rae who held a syringe in his hand, smiling that creepy smile.
Cody snarled at him in fury. "You.. you fucking monster.." His hands clenched into fists at his sides, but suddenly everything around him started swimming and spinning. His face grew weak and he swooned dizzily before dropping to the floor, unconscious.
Malik stepped away from Cris, leaving her to look over at Cody's motionless form and moan through her crying from the still active fucking machine, and put himself away, heading over to and glaring angrily at Rae. "What the fuck is this? Who is that?"
Rae gazed at him calmly and crossed his arms, still holding onto the syringe. "It's Cris' guardian, from the Guardian Association. He came looking for her."
Malik's eyes narrowed and he brought a hand to his head. "The Guardian Association? You told me the authorities wouldn't be a problem! What the fuck!"
Rae touched the man's arm, which somehow seemed to calm him down without effort. "Don't worry, Malik, they won't be a problem. This Ineith is the only one who knows where she is, and now he's trapped just like her... I hope you wouldn't mind an audience for your training."
Malik dropped his hand and stared at him in disbelief. "...You're joking, right?.." His answer was Rae's little smile. Malik shook his head, looking down at Cody. "I can't work with someone sitting there screaming threats at me.. It won't work, besides.." He glanced over at Cris, who was still writhing and crying, body trembling. Moving closer to Rae, he muttered, "She has to think he's dead, otherwise it'll give her hope of escape, which will ruin everything. You already fucked it up by bringing him down here in the first place. You have to get rid of him."
Rae looked at him, but the seriousness on Malik's face was enough to make Rae acquiesce. "Alright, consider the situation fixed." He lifted a hand and gave a loud snap, instantly summoning two brawny Stukas* in flashes of yellow fire. Malik stepped back in surprise as the two grabbed up Cody by the arms and held his limp body up. Rae nodded to Malik. "Tell her what you need to, but I'm keeping him. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up." Without waiting for an answer, he turned and exited, followed by the Stukas dragging along Cody.
When the door slammed shut, Malik sighed and brought a hand to his forehead. This was quickly becoming way more trouble than he wanted to be part of. Silently, he returned to the machine and flipped the switch, turning it off. Cris fell quiet and twitched against her restraints, panting and sobbing. "..Cody.. please help.." Her voice was barely a whisper but he could make it out easily in the bare dungeon.
He moved the machine away from her and unbound her, then, ignoring the bullet as it clattered to the ground, carried her back to her neck shackle in the corner and fastened it securely, then stepped back as she leaned against the wall unmoved by the hard, freezing stones against her bare back. She turned her tearful eyes up at Malik and crossed her arms over her chest. "Cody... where's Cody.. please.."
Malik stared at her hesitantly for a moment, before regaining his bearing and crossing his own arms. He looked away without compassion. "...He's dead."
A brief pause of silence caused him to look back over at her, and was struck by her expression. A tiny smile was visible on her lips, despite the deep echoes of despair in her constantly dripping eyes. "..He's... Cody... he's dead..?" Her entire body trembled and, eyes still piercing Malik's, she exploded in a fit of sobs. "..W-Why.. why.. bring him back.. please bring him back..."
Her agony was certainly leaving a bad taste in his mouth. He was a very successful trainer of concubines and sex slaves, but as far as killing off a prisoner's loved one, he had never stooped that low. And now, seeing the reaction it could cause, he didn't like it at all. Trying to block out her begging, he simply turned and exited, unable to do or say anything in response to her. As the door slammed shut, Cris was again left alone in the cold dungeon, goosebumps quickly forming on her bare skin and as she feebly attempted to keep herself warm, her sobbing persisted at the apparent loss of her only good friend.
* Stukas - big ugly orc-like demons with red skin and varying horn types, always male and can teleport, sometimes sold as slaves with powerful enchantments (like most other demon species)

-contents: safe

Chapter 9
Consciousness slowly filtered in as he opened his eyes, narrowing them at the throbbing pain in his head and neck. Luckily the light was dim so he didn't have to deal with it stinging his eyes. Sitting up, he brought a hand to his head and looked around, finding himself trapped in a dingy cell in what seemed to be a dungeon, his pockets thoroughly emptied. The stench of damp earth pervaded the area despite being surrounded by hard gray stone and the environment was hardly inviting with rusting iron bars and no sign of windows anywhere.
Silently cursing, Cody wobbled to his feet and moved to the bars enclosing his square area. He wrapped his hands around two of the bars and pressed his face close, trying to cast his gaze up and down the outside hallway, but to little avail. Only a short distance on either side was afforded his angle of view, providing nothing but more stone and iron and the occasional burning wall torch.
"HEY," he yelled out, wincing as the pain in his head throbbed with his shout. "Hey.. Let me the fuck out of here! Show your filthy face, vampire scum!" Teeth clamped, he brought his hand up to his head in a feeble attempt to quell the agony and quickly gave up on his calls. Stumbling to the back wall, he sat down and cradled his head in his hands, trying to think through his horrible headache.
How could he have been so stupid? He practically let himself be captured by being so openly trusting of that animal. The Guardian Association trained all their employees to be polite and diplomatic no matter who they're dealing with, but after this experience he didn't think that would be the case anymore, at least not for himself. If not for Cris, he would probably even have second thoughts about being with the GA at all anymore.
A tiny smile formed on his lips at that thought. He had never really liked anyone before and Cris had been the only person he had actually been friendly toward upon meeting. The realization dawned on him that Cris seemed to do something to him, made him feel good, inexplicably. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but there was just something warm and light about her, welcoming; beckoning even.
The sudden sound of screeching iron made him jump, casting out all his thoughts and replacing them with apprehension and anger. He stood up and moved back to the door, repeating his previous actions of trying to see with more effort, though the effort was still more pressed on trying to ignore his pounding head. Preceded by slow footsteps on the stone floor, a dark figure eventually emerged from the shadows, stopping at Cody's cell. Cody stepped back a few feet and scowled at the entrance of Rae, who simply smiled coolly.
"Glad to see you awake and aware, friend."
Cody sneered, hands balling into fists already. "You let me the fuck out of here you piece of shit, or you'll regret it once I break out." His voice was low and dangerous, his headache all but forgotten entirely.
Rae chuckled quietly, crossing his arms over his chest and gazing at Cody as if gazing at an interesting zoo exhibit. "You and I both know I can't let you out of there, guardian. The consequences would be detrimental."
Baring his teeth, Cody could feel his frustration piling high and fast at this guy's arrogance. "Detrimental? I guarantee you once I get out of here, your head will be the first crushed to red paste..."
"No need to get violent," his smile remained, unchanging. "I assure you we're taking the best care of your human as possible, and we'll do the same for you as long as you cooperate."
"Don't you fucking refer to Cris like that... I'll fucking kill you."
Rae's eyes sparkled and his smile seemed to gain a bit of merriment. "Well... it seems you may have feelings for her more than simple guardianship?"
Cody growled, eyes narrowing. He was untouched by the vampire's words despite his own personal confusion. Allowing his captor to see that confusion would do more bad than good for him.
A laugh escaped Rae and he shook his head. "..I'm sorry, it's just that this couldn't possibly have worked out better... You do realize that guardians are forbidden from having any type of relationship for their assignment other than as their professional protector. I do hope-"
"I know, you fucker," Cody cut him off, casting his eyes to the ground. "Don't spout Guardian Association rules at me. I fucking know them already, probably better than you."
Rae shrugged and Cody looked back up at his silence. That smug smile was still plastered on his stupid face. After a moment of staring at each other, Rae finally spoke. "Well I'm sure you're hungry, Ineith. I'll have fresh food sent down to you in no time. Just be sure you eat it. I won't allow guests to go hungry in my home." Without waiting for an answer, he turned and calmly headed back toward the exit.
Cody rushed to the bars, pressing his face between two of them. "Get back here goddamnit! Let me out of here! You fucking..." He grimaced as his headache roared back to life in his head, refusing to be ignored any longer.
Once the screech of the door echoed through the dungeon, punctuating Rae's departure, Cody turned and wandered back to his previous spot. Sitting down against the wall, he held his head in his hands in pain, headache disrupting his thoughts of escape and concerns for Cris.

-contents: bondage, torture

Chapter 10
"I thought I told you to continue with the training." Rae rested his chin on one fist, looking over Malik from his throne-like chair with a dangerously cool expression. It had been three days since the episode with the arrival of Cody, and Malik still hadn't picked up where he left off, leaving Cris alone chained in the dungeon. It was clear Rae was agitated.
Malik swallowed and averted his gaze, trying to remain calm yet finding it very difficult under Rae's pressured stare. "Training... takes time. Especially this kind of training. It can't happen overnight."
"I understand this, however you've done nothing with her for three days now. What do you plan on doing, leaving her for me to deal with?"
"No, I just..." He fidgeted at a pocket zipper on his pants with one hand.
Rae stared at him for a moment before turning his gaze out one of the windows at the side. "Malik... something tells me I should question your behavior. Maybe even your... loyalty."
Malik paused, the anxiety coming off him like a stench to Rae, who kept his eyes on the window calmly. Malik managed to look at him with an uncertain expression of anger. "No- I have no loyalty. I'm in it for the money, I already told you that."
After a second of silence, Rae looked back at Malik, who held his gaze. "Mm.. very well then. If you're in it for the money, then get back to the training, or you'll find yourself without more than just your pay."
Without replying, Malik turned and walked out. Rae watched him leave and sat in the quiet, gazing at the doorway for awhile afterward, suspicion drifting in his cold eyes.
Cris was startled awake at the sudden echo of the dungeon door opening. Her eyes turned to the door lethargically, the rest of her remaining curled on the floor, looking more like a sad lump of flesh than an actual person anymore. The last three days had more or less been isolation, with no contact with anyone save her twice-a-day meal deliveries, which had decreased in quality from full cuts of meat, fresh vegetables, and cool clean water to a piece of old bread, a few beans and water that had a strange metallic taste. Even when her poor excuse for food was delivered, it was brought to her by a servant demon who simply came, placed the tray by her, and left without any regard to her attempts at interaction. Crying and sleeping were her main activities, aside from pathetic attempts at staying warm. This unexpected visitation almost seemed like a blessing despite the likeliness that it would bring more pain than relief.
Malik practically stormed to her, mildly stirring her from her depressed stupor. Before she had a chance to sit up, however, he was at her. After unlocking the shackle binding her neck, he grabbed her by the hair and heaved her up before wordlessly dragging her off. Her hands went to her head and she gave a weak cry of pain, stumbling after him as best she could as he pulled her along without even a pause to let her get her bearing.
He strung her to the other side of the dungeon, to an iron door she hadn't seen before. Kicking it open, he pulled her through and slammed it shut behind them. Cris managed to catch a glimpse at the new area and fell to her knees in shock, forcing Malik to stop. The entire area was lined with all manner of what appeared to be torture devices. She had seen some of their kind during museum tours and research, however here were many kinds she'd never seen before; the most chilling characteristic though was the fact that the majority of the implements sported evidence of use. Blood stains were the most common, though there was a bit of gore here and there. She squeezed her eyes shut and bent toward the ground on her hands and knees, shivering in repulsion and fear.
Malik, clearly not up to tolerating any resistant behavior, yanked her hair and pulled her malnutritioned body back up with ease, eliciting another cry from her. "Get up," he barked angrily. "I'm not gonna deal with your shit anymore, girl. You're mine until I get rid of you and you better get used to it quick." Without waiting for her to comply, he dragged her to a set of shackles descending from the ceiling.
Her pitiful attempts to escape were pointless as he swiftly locked one wrist, then the other, leaving her naked form exposed with her arms over her head. She continued to shiver as she hung from the chains, too weak to stand properly. "P... please..." Her voice was as weak as her body and she found she could barely speak from her fear.
Her captor turned away and walked off to a corner. He turned a faucet, prompting water to pour forth into an old metal bucket. After a moment, the faucet was turned off and Malik brought the filled bucket to her. He looked at her and it almost seemed like he had a split second of doubt in his eyes, but he narrowed his eyes and it disappeared in a flash. She opened her mouth to beg again, however before she could speak she was met with the bucketful of ice cold water straight to her face. He stared at her with contempt as she sputtered and writhed in her binds, now drenched. As she coughed, he turned and returned to the faucet, refilling it once more.
Cris shuddered and shook her head, blinking water out of her eyes. "P-PLEASE..." she managed to scream at him over the echoing sound of water hitting the metal bucket. "PLEASE STOP... please..." Tears began to sting her eyes as she silently tried to will the situation away.
Ignoring her, Malik returned and immediately threw the water on her at chest-level. She screamed and turned her body to deflect the freezing liquid, but failed miserably, getting drenched all the more. As Malik departed for the corner once more, Cris' tears forced themselves out and she heaved a sob, hanging from the chains in despondent defeat. Again Malik returned and threw the water at her, this time at abdomen-level. Cris grimaced and gave a cry, continuing her desperate sobs. For the last time, he left and came back, dumping the water over her head and fully soaking her hair. He tossed the bucket aside noisily and stared at her for a moment as she hung and cried, shivering uncontrollably.
He approached her and took her chin in one hand, holding her face up and looking into her eyes. His expression was stone, though it almost seemed as if he was fighting himself. Finally, he narrowed his eyes in anger and squeezed her cheeks until she squeaked in pain. "I don't know what the fuck is up with you... but I won't let you get the better of me. I'm here to do a job, like any other job, and you're no different from the rest..." Tossing her face aside, he stepped back and crossed his arms, looking at her exposed form in sadistic amusement. "You and I are going to get to know each other very well, girl. It'll almost be a shame to have to give you up to that arrogant noble when I'm through with you." He smirked and she bowed her head in despair.

-contents: bondage, rape

Chapter 11
Cody clambered to his feet as the shrieking of the dungeon door echoed through the area, as he had every time the door opened, hoping it was a different outcome than the usual crap food he was delivered every day. As he rushed to the bars of his cell, he was met with the cold gaze of Rae, who approached but kept a safe distance from the bars.
"Nice of you to finally show your face again," Cody spat. Even after not seeing it for three days straight, that face still infuriated him to the point of wanting to bash it in as messily as possible.
Rae smirked as if he'd read Cody's mind and brought a hand to rest on his hip. "I wanted to check on my guest. You don't seem too well, though. Is there anything you need?"
Cody sneered and clenched his hands tight around the bars they held onto. "You fucking piece of shit... once I get out of this, you'll wish I just killed you instead of fucking you up to the point of begging..."
This comment was met with a smile. "Something tells me you're all bark and no bite, animal. Unlike my mercenary, you see. Our friend is back in the process of taming your human for the only purpose she's good for."
Cody's eyes flashed and he bared his teeth. "You leave her alone... I swear... you'll fucking regret everything you've done to her..."
Rae gave a shrug and turned his interest to a bug crawling along the ground off to the side, clearly not concerned in the least. "Well. I might have let you see her again, but all you ever do is threaten me, which I consider quite rude. Besides, she thinks you're dead now anyway."
His expression changed almost instantly at the vampire's words. Letting go of the bars, he stepped back and stared at Rae in shock. "She... she thinks I'm dead?.."
"She does." He looked back at the Ineith with little interest. "Her trainer refuses to let you near her now for certain reasons. However... there are still ways to let you see her." He smiled vaguely. Cody could do nothing but stare at him, apparently unable to find words to respond with. After a second of silence, Rae gave another shrug. "Well if you decide you want to cooperate with me, just ask me nicely and I'll show her to you. I assure you, she's being taken care of the best we possibly can." His smirk said otherwise.
He turned to leave, but was stopped by Cody's voice. "...Wait-"
Turning slowly back around, he smiled at him. "Yes..?"
Cody turned his gaze away and clenched his fists at his sides, squeezing his eyes shut. This display of submission would only make things worse for him, he knew it, but he had to see Cris. He had to make sure she was still alive. Without knowledge of the regret it would bring him, he mustered, "Please... let me see her."
Rae grinned. "That was a very good start, Ineith. But I think a proper title is in order here. Try again, but this time call me Master." His voice was smooth and cool, subtly provoking yet firmly dominant.
Cody gritted his teeth, one of his eyes twitching. His knuckles were almost turning white from the force he was clenching with. "...Please, let me see her... Master..."
The vampire smiled and stared at him until Cody turned his gaze back on him with burning hatred deep in his eyes. "You're a good boy. I'll let you see her. Just wait here for a moment and I'll be back." He departed, leaving Cody alone in his cold cell.
He turned and punched the stone wall with such force that a piece of rock actually broke off and clattered to the ground. His hand didn't escape unscathed, one of his knuckles breaking and blood leaking from a fresh wound. Despite the injury, however, he ignored it and fell to the floor, back against the bars and waited for Rae, futilely trying to ease the inferno of rage roaring inside himself.
After what seemed like ages, Cody lurched back to his feet at the re-entry of Rae, who was closely followed by a scantily-clad Ardat* wearing her slave charm on a black lace collar and carrying a large object that resembled a round mirror. Cody quietly watched as Rae motioned to the wall directly opposite the bars of his cell, and the Ardat obediently placed the mirror on the stone. The object hung effortlessly as soon as it was placed without need of any hanging assistance; Cody stared at it as Rae dismissed the demon, uncertain of the shimmering, watery surface bordered with some kind of silvery blue metal.
"You act as though you've never seen a scrying surface before," Rae's bemused voice shook Cody out of his gaze and he glowered at Rae in response. Unjarred, Rae moved to the disc and ran a hand down along one side of the curved border. "Then again, I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. These items are fairly expensive, after all... but I digress. You wanted to see your human."
Cody clenched his fists at his side again, this time wincing at the pain that stung from his broken knuckle. He looked away without saying anything. Rae gazed at him for a moment before merely shrugging, then waved a hand in front of the surface of the object and it seemed to ripple under the movement. Slowly, a picture faded into view and Cody's expression softened slightly, trying to make out the image before it came into focus. His anticipation was short-lived, however, as horror dawned on his face in place of concentration.
Held securely in a garrote chair was Cris, naked and soaking wet, and looming over her was Malik. Tears streaked down her face from her closed eyes as her tormentor slowly rocked his hips back and forth, moving his cock in and out of her mouth, his hand gripped firmly in her hair. The whole scene was shown in excruciating detail, the shlurping noises of Malik's movements in her mouth just loud enough. Cody flung his head to the side, looking away in disgust and fury, clenching his teeth. Rae smirked at his reaction and crossed his arms, watching him.
"What's wrong, Ineith? You said you wanted to see your human, yet now you're looking away as if you want nothing to do with her."
"Shut your fucking mouth," Cody muttered, keeping his face turned away. Despite the low volume of his tone, his voice clearly trembled with the rage he was barely keeping under control with all his effort and it seemed to come out more as a growl than a mutter.
Rae watched him silently for another moment, before growing bored. "...Well, I'll just leave this here for you to enjoy then. I'll send a good meal down for you in time; I think you've earned some decent food." He smiled before departing, leaving Cody in the cold cell with the scrying surface still active and depicting Cris' torture in inescapable clarity.
*Ardat - a very physically attractive female demon with blue skin and hair, eagle-like feet, and ornamental (useless) feathered wings growing from her back

-contents: bondage, rape, torture

Chapter 12
Malik glared at his prisoner as he continued his paced movements in her mouth. She kept her eyes tightly closed and barely made a sound aside from the occasional whimper, though her expression and the seeming constant flow of tears were clear in portraying her anguish. The trainer was finished with showing mercy. Something about this girl seemed to move him somehow, something warm; he couldn't shake the nagging feeling that his actions were severely wrong. He was only moreso aggravated by the fact that there wasn't even anything particularly special about her, she was just like any other female he had trained in the past. Yet that feeling in the back of his head remained, and it only fueled his now blooming hatred for this one girl who affected him inexplicably. Unable to escape these thoughts while he almost idly fucked Cris' mouth, his anger finally took hold of him and he pulled away, eyes burning.
Bending in front of her, he grabbed her hair on either side of her head and forced her to look him in the eyes. "What is with you??" he almost screamed at her. "Who are you? Why do you feel this way? Stop making me feel guilty! STOP IT!" He shook her head to and fro in frustration before releasing her head and leaving her in dizzy, confused fear. He turned away and brought a hand to his head, rubbing one of his temples and closing his eyes. 'I need to get a hold of myself,' he thought. 'I must be losing my mind...' One of the very strongly emphasized specifications for this contract was to not leave any lasting marks on her body. If this continued, he feared he may do much worse to her than leave a few scars.
This consideration made a unique torture method dawn on his mind and he smiled slightly. It was perfect; it wouldn't leave a mark and it had proven to break even the most resistant captive in the past. And even better, it was a wonderful way to take out his anger on her, whether it was her making him feel uneasy or something else.
He turned back around and stopped almost immediately. Cris was staring at him with a strange expression, as if with pity or guilt. A moment that seemed to last for hours passed before Cris spoke softly, "..Malik? Please.. I'm sorr-" She was abruptly cut off as Malik went to her and slapped her hard across the face, sending her head flying to the side. The sound of the slap echoed off the stone as if punctuating the action and Cris' head sank as far as the shackle around her neck would allow. Fresh tears slid from her eyes as she began to cry in genuine despair in place of the previous pain and humiliation.
Again that infuriating sensation nagged at Malik and he sneered. "I don't know you, I don't know where you came from, and I don't fucking care. You do not call me by my name, you call me Master. Or Sir. Or Lord. Or whatever the fuck comes to your mind. But you do not say my name. Understood?" After a second without an answer, he raised his hand to strike her again, but stopped when she murmured her compliance.
He moved to unlock the shackle binding her neck and the chains holding her arms and legs. Without giving her a chance to relish the relief of release, he grabbed her hair and dragged her to a nearby table, practically flinging her onto it. Skillfully, he closed the shackles around her wrists, then moved around to repeat the action to her ankles. With little hope of escape and burdened by fear of worse treatment, Cris didn't resist and merely allowed her appendages to be bound to each corner of the table, leaving her nude body entirely exposed and vulnerable. Without pausing to admire the view, Malik went to the side and returned quickly with a large piece of dirty white cloth. As he proceeded to wrap her head in the cloth, he ignored her weak protests and tied it at the top of her head, her whole face covered. The stench of the fabric invaded her nose and mouth, a musty, sweaty smell that made her cough.
Unable to see anything now with her vision obscured, she turned her head slowly from side to side trying to listen for any hint as to what was happening, coughing and quietly begging for it to be taken off. "Please... please take it off... it smells bad... please, I didn't do anything to deserve this..." Her voice was hardly audible, easily ignored by her tormentor. As she waited in agonized suspense, she could make out the sound of the water running from the faucet again, lasting for a good while before finally silencing. She jerked as something cool and uncomfortably hard wrapped around her forehead, then securely pinned her head down, facing straight up. Finding herself now unable to move anything effectively, her breathing increased, causing her to cough hoarsely from the stench of the cloth. "Please, please, please... please just let me go..." her voice now came a bit more loudly, panic beginning to set in now that she couldn't move her head. "Please! God... god why are you doing this to me... please just let me go," she sobbed.
Her pleas were cut short as a small amount of water suddenly cascaded onto the cloth, quickly soaking it and leaking through onto her face. For a second it wasn't that bad, even calming in a way. But soon her breathing became difficult as the water continued to leak onto her face, into her mouth and nose. She began to cough uncontrollably, writhing her arms and legs against their bonds in hopeless attempt to escape. She was trapped in her head, unable to move and now even unable to scream as her throat forced out gags. She was choking and there was nothing she could do about it. The water just kept on coming, seeming to force itself down her throat mercilessly, drowning her. Her entire body writhed in desperation as she gagged pitiously, looking like some kind of faceless monster convulsing on the table.
Finally, thankfully, the water slowly came to a still, though the drenched cloth still made breathing impossible. The cloth was pulled from over her nose and mouth, allowing her to gulp in some much-needed air. She collapsed on the table and panted hoarsely, coughing violently. As she slowly came back into focus from her supposed near-death experience, she whimpered through her coughs. It was one of the worst feelings she'd ever experienced.
"By the time I'm done with you," came Malik's steely voice, "you'll beg for death. But luckily for you, death isn't your destination."
Before she could even partially comprehend what he'd said, the cloth was yanked back in place and the water came again. She immediately began writhing her body. "NO! NO PLEASE NO! NOT AGAIN! PLEEAASSEE!!" Her cries went unanswered and they soon degenerated back into coughing and gagging as her brain interpreted the invasion of water as imminent death by drowning, moving her body on instinct to fight for life as her oxygen supply was dampened.
This time there was no interruption, no end as the water continued to come in an endless rain of mind-numbing terror. Her struggling became so strong at some point that she fractured both of her wrists, and even then she continued her mindless attempts at escape, choking with such force that she thought she might throw up. After what seemed like eons of unending drowning, her body finally slowly gave in to physical exhaustion and her writhing slowed to weak pulls, then twitching, then finally lay still. As the water came unabated, she felt herself go limp, and everything faded to black.

-contents: bondage, violence

Chapter 13
Cris slowly came back into consciousness, but was immediately struck dumb by an intense headache throbbing in her skull. Memories of her torture drifted into her mind and, grabbing at her head in pain then crying out at her fractured wrists, she curled up in a ball and cried quietly to herself. She had passed out during a session of what seemed to have been waterboard torture. Having only read about it and never experienced it, she could now attest to the overwhelming sensation the torture brought. It was hell.
After awhile, her crying died down and she simply lay in a tiny ball on the floor of her dungeon, her neck shackle securely placed around her throat. Her pounding headache disallowed her from falling back asleep and she was too exhausted to move; all she could do was lay there and stare at the dusty floor in silence. There was no telling what more Malik had to do to her, and how long she would be trapped here, especially since the only one who had any idea of where she was and how to possibly rescue her was dead. It seemed all hope was lost to her.
Cody sat on the ground, back against the wall directly opposite the scrying surface, knees bent up to his chest. He had watched the entire episode of Cris' waterboarding, unable to look away in horror. Rae's lackey had left the water running from some sort of shower-head faucet directly over her cloth-covered face for at least a good two minutes, forcing her to undergo the constant feeling until she finally just went still. When this eventually happened, Malik turned the implement off and withdrew the cover from her face. Apparently he felt this had been enough for the time being, as he cleared Cris' bondage and carried her off less than carefully and the scrying surface faded back to its shimmering watery image.
Now, he merely sat with his head buried in his arms in helpless guilt. There was nothing he could do for her, and that bastard vampire left that god-awful screen in full view, knowing the curiosity and horror would force Cody's eyes on it. There was only one thing he could focus on to keep himself going: revenge. Once he found a way to escape, he would wrap his hands around Malik's throat and crush the life out of him and watch his eyes roll back as he succumbed to death. Then he would pound Rae's face into the ground until nothing remained of his head but gore and bits of bone. He would make them both pay dearly for what they'd already done, and surely what they would still do, to Cris.
The dungeon creaked to life as the signature squealing of the door tore through the silence. Shortly, footsteps sounded along the stone, growing louder until finally halting in front of the bars of Cody's cell. The Ineith barely registered the presence, not bothering to lift his head to look at his visitor, who was most likely someone he didn't want to see anyway.
"Did you savor the chance to see your beloved, Ineith?" As expected, it was the voice of the last person he wanted to deal with. Arrogance rode on Rae's smooth voice like a water god on the ocean's waves. It was disgusting.
After a pause, it became evident he wasn't going to get a rise out of Cody. He shrugged and rested his hands on his hips. "Well, I merely wanted to come tell you that I won't have you consuming my resources pointlessly anymore." This seemed enough to get Cody's attention, as his head rose and he glared at the vampire darkly. "Your despair is quite amusing, but I can only get entertainment out of it for so long before it turns boring, like everything else. Thus, you'll become my newest, er..." He looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully for a moment. "What do they call them?... Guinea pigs." He smiled at Cody, who simply returned his gaze with a scowl.
"Guinea pig..?"
"Yes. You see, I like to keep myself learned in important studies, such as science. There are a number of tests I've been needing to perform on a sentient creature, and since you so willingly wandered into my abode, I might as well make use of you."
"Fuck you, you filthy piece of shit."
Rae chuckled. "You shouldn't take language like that so lightly, friend. It could make things harder for you." After a moment of unfettered eye contact - Cody with smoldering hatred, Rae with mild amusement - the vampire snapped his fingers and instantly, two Stukas appeared on either side of him. "So Cody, I'll ask a very simple question, one you should have no problem answering... Will you come calmly, or do I have to practice force on you?"
Cody slowly rose to his feet and spat on the ground. "I won't make anything easy for you, vampire scum. Try it." With that, he sank slightly into an offensive position, legs spread and one hand in front of his chest, the other out a bit, ready to strike.
Rae closed his eyes and turned his head away with a snort of derision. "Fine... I asked, you answered."
The two demons disappeared suddenly in puffs of red smoke and reappeared inside the cell. Not wasting any time, Cody launched a hard kick at one face, missing by inches as the demon lurched backward. The other rushed at the Ineith, but was too slow as Cody landed an impressive blow to the nose, sending him reeling back. Almost immediately, he spun and caught the first in the chest with his foot, throwing him back against the wall. While the first was stunned, the second pulled his attention from his bleeding nose and swung powerfully at Cody's face. He ducked and fluidly threw himself at the monster's chest, knocking into him with one shoulder and pounding him against the wall. Without interruption, he pulled back and landed three strong punches to his stomach and leaped away, leaving the Stuka crumpled on the floor and gasping for breath. Turning his gaze on the first demon, his eyes caught his opponent's, and the first growled in rage, storming Cody as a berserker would. His careless attack cost him the battle, as Cody stepped toward him and lowered his body at just the right moment, then rocketed back up into the demon's abdomen and sent him tumbling head over heels to fall heavily onto his back. Twisting, he took advantage of the moment of shock and gave the Stuka an overpowering kick to the temple, knocking him unconscious.
Barely out of breath, the Ineith slowly turned to face Rae and narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Now... why don't you come in here and fight me yourself, you fucking coward?"
Rae sighed and closed his eyes, placing two fingers on the bridge of his nose in mild exasperation. "You really underestimate me, boy," his tone sounded more tired than annoyed, much to Cody's chagrin. He reached to a long, thin silver chain hanging around his neck and tugged on it, revealing a few keys dangling from it that had been hidden under his shirt. As he calmly unlocked the door to the cell, he quietly intoned, "You make me wonder if you're more trouble than you're worth..."
Gritting his teeth, Cody remained silent as the door creaked open and Rae slowly slid past it. Their eyes met and amusement glittered in Rae's as Cody's sudden desperation upon seeing the open door became clear as day. Underestimation, however, wasn't the last thing on the Ineith's mind. He knew how dangerous vampires were, and one wrong move meant failure. The two stood still and stared at each other for a moment, the silence deafening.
Finally, Cody threw himself toward Rae in a flash, but wasn't nearly fast enough as Rae effortlessly slipped to the side, Cody missing him by inches. As the Ineith stumbled awkwardly, Rae's knee came up to meet his stomach, forcing him to double over with a grunt of surprise and lost air. Smiling, the vampire brought his elbow down on the back base of Cody's neck, finishing the job by sending him to the ground. He stepped back and gazed at the fallen hero, who stirred with a low groan and lifted himself with effort to his hands and knees. "...You..." was all he could manage, struck momentarily dumb by the blow to his neck. Slowly recovering, he struggled back to his feet and turned to face the smug vampire. Cody narrowed his eyes and sank slightly, readying himself in an offensive position.
Rae snerked and shook his head, crossing his arms in an arrogant display of self-appointed superiority. "Why do you keep trying? It's pointless, I'm trying to tell you this to save you trouble and pain. This would be so much easier if you'd just shut up and submit. I may even decide to go easy on you."
Cody responded with a sneer and leaped forward, aiming a hook at one side of Rae's face. This was easily dodged, as were the next few attempted punches. Rae's swiftness made Cody look like a drunkard, backing away slowly as Cody aimed punch after punch at his face, chest, and stomach and miserably missing every one. They eventually reached the wall and as Rae's back barely touched it by inches, he caught Cody's injured fist in one hand and squeezed it tightly, slowly, until a faint cracking could be heard. Pain shot into the Ineith's eyes and a growl escaped his throat. He vainly brought his free hand in an arc to catch Rae in the temple, but this, too, was halted by Rae. The vampire repeated the action on Cody's other hand, crushing it until a bone or two broke under the pressure, and this time Cody's teeth clenched, staring into Rae's eyes in mixed pain and fury.
Rae merely smiled at him calmly, keeping Cody's fists held in vice grips that would be impossible if not for his unnatural strength. "Creature... I'll give you one more chance to back down and comply. If not, I'll have to get rough, and I really don't want to get rough. It's so tiresome..."
"Fuck you," he growled through gritted teeth. Immediately, he leveraged his body against the weight of Rae, pushing him into a slight arc, and brought a knee up in a powerful kick aimed for Rae's stomach. Rae took the knee and simply smirked darkly as the hit did nothing despite landing what seemed to be an effective attack. Mild disbelief crossed Cody's mind before agony ripped through his brain as Rae's grip on his fists tightened suddenly and the cracking echoed off the stone walls.
Letting out a tormented cry, he fell to his knees before Rae, trembling. The vampire released his hands, which were now more useless than anything, most of his fingers and knuckles broken. Cody held them in front of him and stared at them, unable to move a few fingers and a little blood seeping from a couple cracks in his skin. "You..." His voice choked as he realized his inability to fight back now. "...You fucking..."
"I do hope you're more willing to come, now," Rae sounded bored. He stepped around the injured Ineith and walked toward the cell door, before stopping and looking over his shoulder. "I won't take any chances, however. I hope you understand." With a snap of his fingers, two new stukas appeared and went to Cody, lifting him up by the shoulders and turning him to face Rae. "Bring him." He headed out and his servants followed closely, practically carrying the seething Cody as they went, leaving the two wounded demons in the cell to recover on their own.

-contents: experimentation torture (needles)

Chapter 14
Pristine white was the first thing that struck Cody's eyes as he was dragged into what seemed to be a laboratory of some sort. His captors took him to a metal chair positioned in the middle of the room facing away from the doorway and threw him into it, immediately fastening his wrists and ankles in shackles on the arms and legs of the seat. One of the demons moved out of view as the other unconcernedly tore down the middle of Cody's shirt like it was tissue paper and effectively removed it from his body, before also moving out of view. Rae quietly went to the counter to Cody's left and began doing something.
The Ineith shivered as the chill and unease of the lab seeped into the bare skin of his upper body. He could only guess what had gone on in here before, and what the vampire now planned to do to him. Clinking about, Rae seemed lulled in this new environment, remaining silent despite his moving about from spot to spot, his hands hardly idle. Cody wanted to shout at him, express his fury and shake the monster out of his scientific trance, but something about the lab cowed him into submission.
As if sensing the male's frustration, Rae turned to gaze at him with a smile that was barely there. "Today is the first day of your path to enlightenment, Ineith. Consider it a gift rather than a crime before your death. Not many get the opportunity to test mixtures and medications designed for increased superiority."
Cody narrowed his eyes. "I wouldn't be so sure of myself, you crazy bastard. Increased superiority only means increased chance of escape to me."
Rae chuckled, holding up a long needle and squirting a clear, thin liquid from it briefly. "Giving me warnings of possibly unwise actions that may lead to your escape isn't the best idea, friend. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to aid me rather than stop me."
"I can't wait to get out of these binds and beat that smug attitude right out of you," Cody growled.
Ignoring him, Rae went to his left and took his exposed upper arm in his free hand and almost gingerly stuck him with the needle, injecting the entirety of the fluid. He withdrew with a smile and went back to his spot, back to working to himself. "I've given you a dose of what I call 'Immunity Accession.' It's developed to make the immune system of the injectee stronger and able to fight off a broader number of illnesses, and possibly even poisons and venoms. The only creatures this has been tested on, however, are animals of lesser intelligence, so you may or may not suffer adverse effects." After a moment, he turned and set his eyes on Cody calmly, leaning back against the counter and crossing his arms, simply watching him.
Cody scowled back at him and they sat in silence. Finally, fed up, Cody bared his teeth. "Nothing's happening. Obviously you're too stu-" His eyes bugged as he stopped mid-sentence and his mouth hung open, a stupefied expression on his face. Suddenly his eyes rolled back and his entire body went into violent convulsions, his arms and legs shaking crazily in their shackles, head rolling about uncontrollably.
Rae sighed and went to him with an already prepared needle and shoved it into his chest near his heart, injecting something before withdrawing back to his spot at the counter. Cody went completely still, head hanging against his chest, then suddenly widening his eyes and gasping at the air. His head rolled back and he hyperventilated, limply tugging at his bindings. "Y-You... what..." he coughed, "What did you... do to me..."
The vampire stared at him before answering. "I already told you. Unfortunately the blend didn't react to you well, so I'll need to do some more tests on that before administering it to you again. But for now, I still have a few others to experiment."
"Take... Take it... shove it you... fucking bitch..."
Rae ignored him as he prepared another syringe. Cody shivered in his seat, slowly recovering himself. He was just regaining his eyesight as Rae approached him with the other mixture. "No! Get the fuck away from me!" Cody shouted as the needle was stuck deep into his inner elbow. He cringed and squeezed his eyes shut, bracing himself. Rae stepped back and almost instantly, an intense burning agony seemed to erupt all over Cody's skin. His eyes shot open and he tilted his head back toward the ceiling, screaming in pain. It felt like his entire body was on fire, every inch of flesh burning like a million bees were stinging him. He shut his eyes and grimaced, tensing his muscles and crying out at the agony. It felt like it lasted a millennium, but finally the sensation faded as if burning itself out slowly, leaving him somewhat numb. He hung his head, breathing heavily and groaning.
Clearly enjoying himself at this point, the vampire returned with yet another syringe and came to the Ineith's right side, not even bothering to explain what he was injecting anymore. Cody looked up and pulled at his chains in vain, shaking his head. "NO! DON'T! DON'T FUCKING DO IT! I'LL KILL YOU!" Rae sighed and plunged the needle into Cody's opposite inner elbow, then pulled it back quickly, causing a tiny squirt of blood to fly from his arm, and stepped back. Flexing his muscles, the Ineith winced and waited for the next effect in dread.
Like the first, a moment of ease passed as the mixture settled in his body, but was soon broken. His head began throbbing with a headache, which seemed to get worse with each passing second until it felt as though his head was about to explode. Soon, his breathing became short, wheezing and his face paled, pupils constricting. The room began to spin violently and the urge to vomit would become overpowering if not for the fact he couldn't breathe. He was barely aware of Rae placing two fingers on the side of his neck to check his pulse as his head rocked slowly from side to side, swaying with the pain and loss of comprehension in his head. Gradually the dizziness faded to darkness and his breathing subsided, eyes closing lazily.
With a sigh, Rae brought a cup of bright blue potion to Cody's lips and, tilting his head back, poured it into his mouth, forcing his failing body to drink. He hadn't expected an allergic reaction from a member of the Guardian Association. This would set back his plans a bit, but at least he wasn't in a hurry with this specimen. The girl needed to be sold fairly soon, but the Ineith could stay as long as needed. He smiled faintly and turned away from the slowly recovering Cody, rummaging with his gear on the counter. Cody's weak body could rest for now. Rae didn't want it to give out on merely the first day of experimentation. He turned and motioned to the stukas who had been standing at the door the entire time, and they released Cody from his bonds and dragged him away, back to his cell.

-contents: bondage, rape, violent torture (blood)

Chapter 15
Cris was already awake when the door screeched open and Malik made his way to her. She huddled further into her corner, trying in vain to shrink from view. Her attempt was pointless as Malik, without interruption, went straight for her and unshackled her, then buried his fingers in her hair and dragged her mercilessly to the torture chamber. She clawed at the floor and cried desperately, weakly fighting against his grasp. "Please... please! Let me go! Please don't do this to me!..."
Silently, he flung her onto the table and chained her wasted body down with ease, the lower shackles this time closing around her thighs with her knees bent over the edge. Her continued cries for mercy went unnoticed as he prepared for her next session, gathering the same cloth from previously and another bucket of water, the running faucet echoing coldly off the stone walls like imminent malice. She trembled on the table, her nude body soaking up the cold of the dungeon and chilling her to the bone. Her voice began to give out, making her quiet down and go inactive in the looming face of torture. Soon Malik was back at her side, and their eyes met. Hatred flooded his expression, almost unnatural in its intensity. "You..." He trailed off and seemed to consider continuing, but decided against it as he covered her face with the cloth, dismissing her with a sneer.
Her cries rose back up, begging for release and sniffling, her noises muffled by the mask. He poured just enough water onto the cloth to dampen it and make breathing difficult, halting when she began coughing and pulling at her binds. As she struggled and gagged, Malik poured the rest of the bucket across her body, messily cleaning her off and eliciting a cry among the coughing. Placing himself in front of her, he discourteously plunged a thumb into her cunt and began working it in and out, feeling the damp softness. Her pulling against the bonds strengthened at the unexpected sensation and she cried out, before being interrupted by another gag pushing its way from her throat. Feeling himself harden at her moist warmth, he freed himself from his pants and began stroking his cock with his free hand, matching the rhythm of his thumb. He quickly lengthened out and withdrew his thumb, then guided himself to her pussy and shoved himself in, managing to bury halfway and bringing a shaky scream from Cris. Letting out a hard breath, he grasped onto her hips and began pumping himself, fucking her slowly as she cried out with each thrust between her drowned choking under the cloth.
Fluid flooded her vagina, easing his strokes significantly, and he couldn't help but be surprised. Even under the impression of choking to death, she was still somehow aroused immensely. Second thoughts about his method of breaking her began to surface, but the feeling of being inside her drew his mind away. One hand crept up to squeeze one breast as his thrusts sped up, shaking her body with each inward jerk. He leaned forward and grunted quietly, losing himself in the perfume of her scent, other hand snaking up to caress her ribs. Her yelps and coughs dissolved in the wake of his raw lust. His bucking was so steady and prolonged, and his mind so lost, he barely noticed when her body tensed up and her pussy contracted severely around his unrelenting cock, releasing a flood of liquid. He continued to fuck her even after her body had gone limp and her breathing came in ragged heaves.
Feeling himself approach, he flattened his hands on the table on either side of her and quickened his thrusts, pounding hard into her unmoving body and gasping heavily. The ecstasy was inexplicable, pulling him into another world of sweet bliss. Finally, he withdrew from her and groaned, rubbing his dick with one hand as he burst forth onto her chest and stomach, leaving strings of white along her wet skin. Slowly coming back to his senses, he suddenly realized he had, once again, succumbed to lust with this... witch. Hatred quickly replaced the bliss that had poisoned his mind and he glowered down at his victim as he caught his breath.
Cris came to with a screech before breaking into a fit of violent coughing. Malik had removed the cloth from her face and slapped her on the cheeks a few times before she awoke, the sides of her face stinging but her lungs and throat burning even worse. As the memories resurfaced from before she passed out, she choked and turned her head to the side, tears falling from her eyes. "P-Please," she sobbed, her voice hoarse, "Please let me go... I don't deserve this... I really don't..."
Her tormentor growled lightly and roughly unshackled her before pulling her to a nearby post, attaching her wrists together and over her head, firmly binding her to the hitch with her back facing out. She sobbed and weakly leaned against it, closing her eyes and wishing her predicament away. She was barely given a second thought before a deafening whip crack struck the dungeon, quickly followed by Cris' agonized scream. She pressed herself against the post, tears forcing themselves from her eyes as a strip of fire burned itself into the flesh of her upper back. Without waiting for a follow-up whine, the whip snapped again, leaving another stripe on her upper back and summoning another screech. Again and again Malik hit her with his new toy, each time forcing from her a scream of pain and each time leaving a stretch of ripped flesh. He finally halted when she fell against her binds and hung there, shivering but silent, blood dripping steadily to the stone floor below.
He came around to her front and knelt before her, lifting her face up by the chin with a couple fingers and looking into her stricken eyes. Still not broken completely. He could still see hope glimmering deep down, pathetically willing forth rescue or escape. With a frown, he moved his fingers up to either side of her mouth and forced her jaw open before shoving the handle of the whip between her lips. "Suck it," he instructed.
Her eyes squeezed shut and she whimpered piteously, but obeyed and closed her lips around the wrapped leather. He watched her face as she worked her mouth and tongue along the handle, sucking it, though her eyes remained closed tight. "Look at me, you stupid whore." She opened her eyes slowly and stared at him, tears welling up. Feeling his anger begin to rise again, he began pushing and pulling the whip in and out of her mouth, forcing her to service it. Her eyes closed again and at this, he thrust it deep, the tip touching her throat and making her eyes bug as she gagged. "I said fucking look at me," he warned through gritted teeth. She managed to look up at him despite the tears streaming down her face and the whip handle lodged down her throat.
After a pause, he pulled it from her mouth and rose, leaving her to dry heave at the ground. Making his way around her ravaged body, he knelt behind her and traced a finger across one of her lashes, making her whimper and cringe away from his touch. Malik sneered and stood, considered her for a moment, let her cough and whimper as she swayed awkwardly from her chain. He watched her quietly for what seemed like hours. There was just something... not right about this girl. Something beckoned him; her smell, her movements, her voice, her eyes. Even in this state of disarray she was in, he thought he felt something... He quickly flung his head to the side, dismissing his ridiculous thoughts. This whelp slut meant nothing more than some money. Yet it seemed the more time he spent with her, the more persistent this nuisance emotion seemed to grow. Which made him hate her. His heart oozed black abhorrence at this feeling he couldn't discern, and at her for forcing him to feel it.
"...Fuck the deal." His voice was cold, low - barely a mumble yet subtly terrifying. Cris' head lifted noticeably, triggering him to practically march to her side. Releasing the chain from the post, he jerked her up to her feet and she gave a pained cry. Blatantly ignoring her, he yanked her along and headed out the door, unceremoniously pulling her along behind him, her attached arms outstretched before her trembling body.

-contents: violence/murder

Chapter 16
Cody leaned on his hands and knees, staring at the ground below him. The image in the scrying surface had long since dissipated, and still his mind echoed with her cries of agony, the piercing cracks of the whip, the muted dripping of blood on stone... the despair of helplessness. Who was he? What was he good for? His first assignment, the first sign of trouble, his first chance, his first... love. All he could do was sit in this godforsaken cell and watch as she was tortured to the point of insanity, prepared as a sex slave like some kind of livestock. All he could do was sit and wait for that fucking creature to return for him, perform his twisted experiments on him like some kind of lab rodent. This was the sum, his dread... he was useless. Completely fucking useless.
His eyes squeezed shut and a tear fell to the ground. Clenching his teeth and balling his hands into fists, he could feel his rage picking up, sweeping away the pain in his broken hands. This wasn't over, not by a long shot. He would find a way to escape, and when he did, the first one to go down would be that fucker torturing Cris. He would do things, unspeakable things to him, make him apologize, force him to beg for his life... no, beg for death. And when he was through with him, he would turn on the vampire. There were so many lovely things he would do to that monster. First he would string him up on the walls of his own dungeon, and start off slow, with his fingernails... a demented smile formed under his teary eyes.
Suddenly he was yanked out of his imagined revenge by the heavy metal door protesting its opening. He raised himself to his knees and wiped at his eyes, refusing to be seen in any sense of weakness, and stood slowly as Rae came into view on the other side of the shadowy bars.
Rae smiled. "Hello again, friend."
The Ineith took a step back, hitting his back against the wall behind him, and reflected his animosity at the enemy. Rae chuckled.
"Come on, that look on your face tells me you don't appreciate my hospitality."
Cody's lip twitched, the festering rage buried just under the surface clearly ready to blow like a long overdue volcanic eruption. He remained silent, however.
The vampire paused and watched him, noting the pent up emotion, but merely shrugged it off. "In any case, it's time for some more tests. I've made a very important discovery that I need to develop quickly."
Cody sank into an offensive position as the heavy clinking signaled the opening of the cell door. Rae stepped in and held a hand out, motioning for him. "Come Ineith, it'll be so much easier and faster for both of us if you simply cooperate."
Baring his teeth like a cornered animal, he remained motionless, waiting for his opponent to make the first move. The asshole was too strong, too fast to defeat in a fight, but he did have one thing to rely on that he'd noticed by now. The vampire seemed to be able to do anything, anything except read minds.
Rae stepped forward and Cody sank a little lower, as if ready to pounce at any moment. After another moment of holding his hand out, giving Cody a chance to keep the situation easy, he finally let out an exasperated sigh and started a steady pace forward. "Why do you insist on making me work?..." He made it to about five steps away from Cody when the Ineith unexpectedly lept to the side and made a wild dash out the cell door.
Rae's eyes widened in genuine surprise, then melted into mild amusement, turning to watch him run out and even letting out a quiet chuckle. "He doesn't give up..."
Completely shocked that he somehow managed to pull through with his crazy plan, he consciously told himself to keep running. He had made it out the dungeon door and was now running down a long, extravagantly decorated hallway without bothering to try to figure where the hell he was or where he was going. For some reason the vampire didn't pursue him - if he had, Cody was sure he would have been caught by now. Whatever, he got away and that was all that mattered, and now he had to find Cris by any means possible!
Malik dragged his now mobile prisoner through the dark lower halls of Rae's manor. The place was an absolute maze, but he had gotten used to it by now. Confidence was spawned by his hate-sparked determination, he had no doubt he could make it out before Rae suspected a thing. The vampire was probably sitting down to some fancy feast fit for a king right now, that rich shit. He snorted and took his pang of envy out on Cris, pulling extra-hard on the chain and eliciting from her a short squeak of pain. This made him smirk, he liked taking his anger out on this useless cunt. 'Enjoy it while you can,' he thought silently, 'You won't be feeling much of anything pretty soon...'
Turn after turn they took, until they came to a staircase and climbed it. Opening the door, light streamed in, evaporating the dark and causing both to squint their eyes. Malik stepped up and stuck his head just barely around either corner, checking for clearance. The area looked deserted; he cautiously entered, pulling the girl along with him. Only a little further and they'd be home free.
His excitement grew with each turn they took, but he couldn't help a nagging feeling, as if he were getting a gut feeling about something bad. He didn't get much time to try to figure it out, however, as he turned the final corner to the grand hallway leading to the exit and stopped cold in his tracks.
Standing silently before the doors, arms crossed and cool smile twisting his lips, Rae was waiting for them almost idly. Malik pulled back some, shocked and horrified. Words seemed to form at his mouth, but his brain couldn't seem to unjumble them enough to let them escape.
Rae spared him the awkward silence, "Well... where do you think you're going, Malik?"
The escapee growled loudly and held up a fist threateningly. "Get the fuck outta the way! I'm getting outta here and I'm taking the girl with me!"
Rae stared at him for a moment before simply letting out a bold laugh. "Malik, you're not trying to... save this girl, are you..?" He gestured to her with an almost concerned look behind his bemused grin.
Malik sneered, before pulling her forward by her hair, snapping a switchblade and holding it to her throat. "Let me pass you fuck, or I'm slitting her goddamn throat right here..."
Realization dawned on Rae's face and he brought his fingers up to his chin. "So you're going to murder her, is that it? Come on, that's hardly a productive decision. Why would you throw away perfectly good money like that?"
"I hate her!" He squeezed his eyes shut, hand tightening in her hair and blade bringing out a small bit of blood, causing her to close her eyes in a grimace. "I fucking hate her! She... she does something to me... I don't know... I just... I think I'm going insane..." His eyes fell slowly to the ground and his grip loosened slightly.
The vampire took a casual step forward. "So, are you saying you can't handle this job after all? Are you incapable of training this girl, Malik?" Another step forward.
He shook his head in uncertainty, "I... I can... she's just..." His arms weakened and fell to his sides. "...I'm sorry, Rae. I don't know what the hell happened. I just... wanted to get rid of her. Get rid of this feeling I get around her..."
"It's alright, Malik. Come here, I can fix this whole situation for you."
"You can?" He looked up with a glimmer of hope and gratitude. With a sigh, he crossed the room slowly to stand before Rae.
The vampire's fangs glinted as he smiled and brought his hands up to either side of Malik's head. Without waiting for another word, his hands snapped around, twisting Malik's head around and effectively breaking his neck in one quick motion and one quick noisy crack. The man's body immediately went limp and slumped to the ground. The smile never left Rae's lips as Cris fell to her knees and let out a trembling scream, covering her face with her hands. "I told him not to scar you."
Cody's ears perked forward instantly. That scream, it was Cris' voice, he knew it. A flare of panic welled up in him as he sprinted in the direction of the scream. He wanted to yell back to her, to give her hope, tell her to keep shouting so he could find her, but the only thing that kept him quiet was his fear of being caught. Stealth was his most effective ability right now and he couldn't direct unwanted attention to himself in this situation.
A few turns and doors later, he broke through a side entrance into the grand hall. He dashed forward but was halted by the sight of Malik's limp body lying in the middle of the floor. His eyes widened in surprise before sweeping across the room in search of Cris. He saw nothing else and cautiously passed Malik, unsure if he was still alive or not. Hatred reared ferociously inside him, and he fought to keep it down. The torturer was surely dead and there was nothing he could do to exact his own revenge now. The only thing he could focus on now was rescuing Cris.
Without thought, he turned to rush in search of the torture dungeon, assuming that would be where Rae would have taken her. After having traversed the corridors to the entry hall, he was slightly more comfortable with where he was going now, and luck was apparently with him as he soon stumbled on the entrance to a new dungeon area, the rusted metal door an extreme contrast to the posh wallpaper and carpeting it had been placed among. Panic won over caution and he threw the door open, meeting with a set of wide stone stairs leading into darkness lit only by a few austere torches. Abandoning all reason in his desperate pursuit, he dashed down the stairs only to come face to face with another steel door. Growling to himself, he flung it open and ran through, but suddenly halted dead in his tracks.
Standing there with a hand buried in the hair of a completely naked Cris was Rae, watching his new guest with mild boredom. Cris, on the other hand, gawked through her pained tears at the unexpected sight of Cody. Her tears seemed to come in full force and she fell to her knees, staring at him in disbelief.
"C.... Cody," her voice was barely a whisper, shaking from the intensity of her constricted sobs.
The Ineith opened his mouth to answer, but stopped as it felt as though all control left his body. He simply stood there, looking at her in complete silence. Cris let out a sob, kept from falling to her hands only by Rae's grip on her hair. "I... I can't... I thought... C-... but you're dead!..."
A quiet chuckle came from Rae as Cody stood still as stone, somehow unable to do anything but merely look at her. For a second he thought he was being overcome with shock, but slowly realization dawned on him that something wasn't right about the state he was in. He tried to shout, tried to move his arms, tried to do anything but everything failed, as if he was somehow paralyzed.
Rae shook his head slowly and shoved his hostage forward, tossing her to the ground. "Such tragedy. Betrayed by the one you love. I would weep for you if I didn't find the situation so amusing..."
Cris lifted herself weakly on her hands and knees and gazed up at Cody through her unending tears. "W-What...? What do you mean?...."
The vampire slowly stepped away from her and walked toward the still Cody. "He was never dead, Malik merely told you that to spare your feelings, being the compassionate man that he was..." He stood next to the Ineith and placed an arm around his shoulders, leaning against him and smiling that suave smile of his while Cody merely stared blankly, as if looking right through the girl on the ground. "Your loving guardian here was so moved by what he saw of you days ago that he agreed to work with me."
Cody felt his rage roaring like an inferno inside him, and the utter inability to do anything only added to it. He could already tell what this scum was pulling with his disgusting lies. He was going to try to turn him against Cris somehow in some sick experiment or torture. He would never allow himself to be manipulated to do anything to hurt Cris, even if it meant sacrificing his life for her.
"...what do you...mean... Cody...?" Cris was noticeably weak, terribly skinny and not in the best hygeinic state. Her miserable appearance was only highlighted by her obvious expression of grief and newly discovered betrayal. It was clear she was dangerously close to her breaking point now.
"I knew it was only a matter of time before that useless human failed me," Rae muttered, examining his fingernails. "In the meantime, I trained Cody to take his place once Malik proved his insolence. He'll make a fine trainer... and," his eyes flashed as he smirked down at Cris, "now you'll get to be with your beloved. Isn't that nice? Being trained by your own guardian? I find it a rather poetic turn of events myself..."
Cris closed her eyes and her head fell in defeat as a loud sob escaped her. "C-Cody.... why... why..." Collapsing to the ground in a heap, she simply lay there and cried, her despair echoing off the stone walls as if mocking her situation's turn for the worse.
Rae smiled at her for a moment, savoring her pain, before leaving Cody's side and going to her. He grasped her hair and yanked her up, forcing forth a cry of pain, and dragged her out toward the torture area. Almost immediately following their exit, Cody felt soft hands caress his face from behind, large warm breasts pressed up against his back and a soft giggle sounded in his ear. Still paralyzed, he was unable to physically react to the sensation, and his anger grew all the more. A succubus* came into his view, gracefully stepping around him and sliding her hands through his hair, lifting a leg over one of his hips and smirking into his face.
"What a lovely boy you are," she purred, her voice full and sultry, quite perfectly matching her curvaceous, scantily clad dark purple body. "It will be a pleasure playing with you..." She lifted her head and planted a seductive kiss on his lips, and a fleeting moment of breathlessness flashed in his mind accompanied with the sensation of falling before everything faded to black.
*succubus - an extremely attractive sex-driven female demon with a humanoid body, black to lavender skin tones, curved horns on their heads, and long whip-like tails with spines on the tip. some are able to avoid slavery and become mercenaries and prostitutes with access to very powerful abilities.

-contents: blowjob, intercourse, rape

Chapter 17
Darkness blurred into light, and color slowly came into view. Cody bolted upright and cast his eyes about in shock, rubbing his head. He was in a large bed in an enormous room decorated in red, gold, and black. Sunlight streamed in through three sliding glass doors on one wall that all appeared to lead out onto a lavish white balcony overlooking a beautiful green landscape.
Confusion settled over him and he continued to absent-mindedly rub his head as he stood up from the bed. He was bare aside from a comfortable pair of blue cloth pants and he was clean and felt rested. Doubt filled his mind as he tried to make sense of where he was and what had happened.
He was soon interrupted from his thoughts, however, as the door on the far wall opened. He shot his gaze at it in anticipation, but gaped as he saw Cris shutting the door behind her, dressed in an extra-short sheer white nightgown, looking absolutely gorgeous in the morning light. She smiled and approached him.
"Morning. You slept kinda late, so I brought you some food from the dining area." She held out a platter of a plate with a spread of breakfast food, from pancakes to bacon to seasonal fruits.
He took it quietly and she went to the bed and lay down, gazing at him calmly. Blinking, he placed the plate on a nearby table and squinted at her uncertainly. She frowned in response.
"Something wrong?"
"I just..." He turned to look out one of the doors at the balcony, still completely confused. "..Where are we?"
Cris gained a look of concern, then chuckled, sitting up. "What do you mean? We're in Italy, on vacation. We've been here for two weeks now. Are you okay..?" She gave him a concerned look.
After a moment of silence, he murmured, "Yeah I guess so... I guess I just had a bad dream..."
She smiled and climbed from the bed, going to him. Pausing in front of him, she slid a hand through his hair and kissed the side of his neck gently. "It's okay, we're here and together. Everything's fine..." Standing on her toes, she leaned up to kiss him, but was stopped as he placed his hands on her shoulders and held her off, gazing at her.
"Cris, I... I don't remember anything. I mean, I don't remember anything before being here... How did we get here? And.." He blushed, "why are you touching me like this..?"
A soft laugh escaped her and she caressed the side of his face. "Are you sure you're alright, Cody? We just flew here, and we've been together this whole trip so far." She looked vaguely disappointed. "You don't remember me telling you I love you?.."
He lifted his hands from her shoulders and shook his head. "No- I mean, well.." He sighed and touched the hand on his face, and smiled softly. "I... I love you too, Cris..."
She grinned and lifted up, kissing him softly. He returned it almost too eagerly, wrapping his arms around her protectively. One of her hands trailed down his chest slowly, her tongue pushing past his lips to play with his, her body quickly heating up. Her hand slid down his pants and found his cock already beginning to harden, and gripped it, rubbing it slowly.
He sighed and pressed tighter against her, looking into her eyes. This feeling of being with her felt almost alien, like a vague fantasy come to life, despite the fact that he was supposed to have been with her before, more than once even. It was like he was being with her for the first time. And he couldn't shake his lost memories, trying to piece them back together in the back of his head. But Cris' touch was clouding him and he was beginning to lose control, beginning to not even care about his apparent onset of amnesia.
Cris pushed him toward the bed and he complied, backing up and seating himself on the rich cotton sheets. She pushed him onto his back and knelt in front of him on her knees, sliding his cock free of his pants and rubbing it slowly. "I'll make you feel better, Cody. I love you."
She leaned forward and took him into her mouth, sucking on the head gingerly and running her tongue in circles on the tip. He let out a breath and gazed up at the ceiling, laying out comfortably on the bed. Things couldn't possibly turn out better than they were. Her mouth took him deeper, more and more with each bob of her head until his entire cock was taken down her throat. She held it there for a moment before releasing and taking it again, sucking on the whole length as if her gag reflex was nonexistent. One hand gripped the base of his penis and the other found his smooth balls, lifting and playing with them gingerly during her relentless attack on his now fully hard cock.
His eyes rolled back in divine pleasure, breathing coming in shallow pants and hands twitching, his body unable to respond to the ecstasy it was feeling. A quiet groan escaped him and as if in answer, Cris lifted up from her job and climbed on top of him, giving the side of his neck a lick and teasing the tip of his cock with her wet hole. "You feel good now Cody?" Her question carried a note of teasing, which only made him all the more melted.
"Good." She smirked and grabbed his dick, then lowered herself atop him, pushing him deep into her with ease and letting out a trembling moan.
His eyes squeezed shut and he gasped, hands reaching up to grasp her hips as they bounced up and down slowly, her hot, slick pussy swallowing him again and again. "Nnn.. Cris.."
His moan was answered by her own. She sat up and squeezed her breasts as her hips worked up and down, picking up speed. "Mmm fuck... your cock... so gooood... god..." She fell forward again, hands landing on either side of his head, and she stared into his face with vast emotion. He returned her gaze, one of his hands going to the side of her head and gripping her hair. He relished her sweet breath on his face as she panted heavily, her breathing interspersed with moans and cries.
In the intensity of the passion, a stray thought surfaced in his mind: this was too good to be true. Something about all this seemed... abnormal. As if on cue, his eyes fell on the inner elbow of the arm extended toward Cris' face. There on his skin was a bit of dried blood. His panting was sharply interrupted as he inhaled suddenly and sat up, tossing Cris to the floor messily.
She cried out in surprise and winced as she hit the floor. "Ow.. what the fuck? What's wrong with you?!"
He gave her a burning stare. "You... you're not Cris..."
Her eyes narrowed and she slowly stood up. "What do you mean? Of course it's me... Are you okay, Cody?... Maybe I should call a doctor..."
He stood quickly, lifting his pants over himself and looked at her. "I don't believe you. If you're really Cris and we're really in Italy, then how did we get here? Why are we here? Where exactly are we? Why can't I remember preparing for the trip, or coming here, or the last two weeks of being here? And," he held out his arm and pointed angrily at the blood, "what the fuck is this?!"
She stared at him for a moment, taken aback, then simply smirked and put a hand to her forehead. "...You simple-minded idiot..."
His arms fell at his sides and he stared at her. So it was all a lie, after all. Anger suddenly started to boil quickly to his surface.
"You could have had it easy, you know," she smiled at him mockingly. The expression really didn't befit Cris' face at all. "But instead you just had to keep insisting." She sighed. "Well fine, you caught me. I'm not your pathetic human pet, and we're not in Italy..." Her body began to pulsate, skin rippling and changing briefly to the appearance of scales, then flawlessly smooth dark purple flesh. A long tail shot out from the end of her spine and a pair of curled horns sprouted and grew on either side of her head, and her hair grew out and faded to a shiny ebon color. She smiled, showing off a pair of fangs that would rival Rae's, discarded the nightgown and placed her hands on her hips. "Congratulations on figuring it out, and on ruining your fantasy, you fool."
Cody gawked at her in disgust. "You... you tricked me... you fucking bitch..."
The succubus rolled her eyes. "I was just trying to comfort you. Think of me as a friend, will you? You definitely need one in the situation you're in, wouldn't you agree?.." She stepped forward and reached for him, smiling, but he stepped back in repulsion, hitting his legs on the edge of the bed and falling in a sitting position.
He glowered up at her in defiance. "I don't trust you. You stopped me from saving Cris in the dungeon. And then you pull this shit. I should kill you."
"Listen to me, you moron. I saved -your- life back there. If you had attacked Rae, he would have crushed you like a little bug, and you know it. Why can't you just shut up and enjoy what you have right now? I got you out of Rae's dumb little experiments and now, here I am, trying to please you and you look at me like I'm some kind of blubbery monster."
Cody's hands balled into fists. "I won't let you pull me into your deception. I have to save Cris, I refuse to just sit here and fuck some bitch succubus while she's being tortured in some filthy dungeon, being prepared as some kind of sex slave for some fucking pervert! You got that??"
The demoness grinned. "Fine, you want to play it the hard way, I'm more than willing to oblige." She held out one hand to the side and a line of green fire seemed to explode from thin air, which she grasped and flung her arm out, transforming the flames into a studded black whip with a snap. Cody's eyes widened.
"Now, you're going to lie back and enjoy what I have to offer, you stupid cat, or I'll make you regret rejecting me."
Cody glared and threw himself at her, aiming a hard right hook at her face. She dodged with ease, laughing and giving him a lick across the back with her whip. He yelped in pain and staggered forward before turning to face her. Baring his teeth, he dashed toward her and sent his foot flying at her face, immediately after going for her stomach with a clenched fist and the other going for her face. She dodged all of these and launched herself in a backflip over the bed, landing softly on the other side.
"Just give this up." She beamed at him, clearly enjoying his spirit. "As much as I like playing your game, it is a little tiring, and I have work to do."
"Fuck you," he shouted, before bounding over the bed and clumsily attempting to tackle her.
She leaped out of the way and landed on her back atop the bed. Waiting for him to face her again, she snapped her whip and wrapped it around his neck tightly. He grasped onto it and gritted his teeth, choking slightly as she yanked him to his hands and knees over top of her. "Play nicely, or I'll have to be forceful," she smirked.
He glowered and clenched his hands, bringing one up to the strand around his throat and gagging. The leather seemed to pulse, as if alive and reacting to his rebellion. Taking the whip in one hand, she pulled him closer and kissed him deeply, shoving her long tongue down his throat and playing his mouth, running it along the roof and around his own tongue. He choked again, tears forming in his eyes.
"The whip will loosen if you just cooperate, boy," she murmured before dragging her tongue up an exposed portion of his neck and along his ear. Her free hand found his cock and rubbed it through his pants, working it back out. "All I want is for you to come, is that so much to ask for?..." She lifted one knee over his hip, grinding against him.
Guilt flooded him as he slowly succumbed to the lack of oxygen, his body relaxing as his vision became blurred. As he weakened, the whip around his neck loosened just enough to allow him to gasp in a breath. The succubus didn't stop her attention to his dick, which was slowly becoming hard again from the touching, despite his revolt. He panted, trying to make up for lost air, and lifted a fist. As if consciously picking up on him tense, the whip tightened again, cutting off his oxygen supply. He gagged and lowered his hand back to the bed and the whip loosened once more. His teeth clenched and he closed his eyes. "No... don't do this to me... I don't want you..."
"I'm sorry, Ineith, but you don't have much say in the matter. Now do what you were made to do and fuck me."
"No. Go back to the dark realms where you belong, you whore-bitch."
She glared and shoved him to the side, putting him on his back, and straddled him. "Alright then, make me do all the work. I'm sure it's more enjoyable for you that way anyway." She leered nastily.
Holding onto his shoulders, she lifted and lowered herself back onto his cock, moaning as he filled her back up. The whip squeezed just enough to keep him from fighting back, and he merely lay there as she took him, holding back tears of guilt. His cock grew at the sensation of her hot, tight cunt and she pounded him over and over, never relenting until finally his eyes squeezed shut and his body tensed up as he spurted inside her. She moaned in pleasure and bobbed a few more times, milking him of his load, before dismounting and standing before him, taking the whip with her.
He simply glared at her in defeated hatred. His expression was short-lived, however, as her form once more rippled and changed shape. In a few seconds, he sat up slowly and stared at her. Now standing before him was a second Cody, this one smirking darkly. "All it takes is a little sexual fluid and I can take on that person's DNA to look, sound, even smell like them. It's a pretty nice ability, wouldn't you say?"
Cody gaped at his clone for a moment, before everything came together. He bared his teeth and rose, going for her in a messy attack of fury and bare strength. She stepped to the side and shoved his back, pushing him to the floor in a heap. "I'll be sure to give Cris your greetings." She gave a laugh that was identical to his own before disappearing in a burst of green flames, leaving him slumped on the floor in agonized self-loathing.

-contents: hardcore rape, trauma/breakdown

Chapter 18
Cris shot awake with a loud gasp, coming to at the sight of Rae kneeling beside her with a syringe. He smiled, "Ah you decided to join us." She pushed herself away from him across the stone floor, only bringing out a smirk from him and he stood over her. As her back hit a wall and she curled her legs over her chest and arms around her legs, her gaze followed Rae only to be met with the sight of Cody standing behind him dressed in all black, flanked by two stukas. Fear and pain alighted on her face and she looked away.
"She doesn't look too happy to see you Cody. Maybe she didn't miss you at all."
Cody smirked and waved a hand dismissively. "It doesn't matter, I didn't really miss her either anyway."
Rae chuckled. "Well I suppose I'll just leave you to it then. Please pick up where Malik left off, and don't fail me the way he did."
"You can count on me..."
Rae turned and exited, the door screeching behind him. Cody went to Cris and knelt in front of her, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. "You know we can make this very easy for you, Cris. If you just submit to the training and take your future without a fight, your life will be much less painful. I'll even go easy on you." He smiled.
Tears welled up in Cris' eyes and she looked up at him pitifully. "Cody... why? Why would you do this to me? Why?..."
"You have to understand how the world works. Where there's money, there's opportunity, you know? This job is way better than the job I had with the Guardian Association, plus," he leered at her body almost comically, "look at the perks... no pun intended." He snickered.
A tear slid down her cheek and she looked away silently.
He frowned slightly and stood. "Well I'll try to change your mind, babe. There's a lot of fun to be had in the life of a sex slave. After all, you get a posh lifestyle eating all the fine food and using all the fine entertainment, and your only responsibility is having sex, which is just as fun as anything else, if not more, am I right?"
No answer.
"Well..." He sighed. "Can't blame me for trying, I guess. But, I do have a deadline which is pretty strict now thanks to that dumbass Malik. So enough talk, time for some action..." He grinned and took a few steps back. "Now, I'll make you a deal, sweet Cris. If you can take on one of these stukas without complaining for twenty minutes, I'll reward you with something nice. Does that sound good to you? Hm?"
He frowned. Her lack of reaction was honestly starting to get under the demoness' skin. Cody raised a hand to one of the stukas and motioned to the prisoner. The demon grinned with boorish lust and approached her. She shuddered against the wall, trying to shrink away from him, but was grabbed nonetheless and she gave a cry as he dragged her from the wall. "No... please don't do this... Cody please... PLEASE..." She stared at her guardian in wild-eyed panic as the demon flopped her around and lifted her to all fours, kneeling behind her. Her only answer from him was a cold smile.
The stuka grabbed her hair and pulled her head back some, making her give a gasped cry, her hands lifting an inch off the ground. He stroked his massive dick until it was hard to his satisfaction, then pressed it against her hole. Her lips trembled and she cried out, tears sliding down her face. "P-Please don't... it's too big..." Her stretched throat turned her words into barely audible gasps, making speech painful and she winced, panting shallowly. Ignoring her, the demon pushed hard, forcing himself inch by inch into her tiny cunt. Her eyes bugged and her mouth gaped in agony. Her cries of pain barely came out as gasps as he yanked her by the hair with each push he gave, trying hard to get himself in there. Finally his cock disappeared to the base and he let her go with a grunt of satisfaction. She slumped forward with a low groan, her vagina pulsing around the invading cock as if trying to expel it. She lay still, panting heavily, tears of pain falling to the stone floor steadily.
The demon's hands found the girl's hips and he slowly slid out, causing her to give a noise that was between relief and pain. When he reached about the halfway point, he gripped her hips tightly and rammed himself back in, shaking her entire body and making her scream in agony. Again he pulled out about halfway, this time bringing out a trickle of blood with it, before slamming his cock back deep inside. She screamed and clawed at the ground, eyes wild from the pain. "OH FUCK... OWW... PLEASE STOP... I'M BEGGING... PLEEAASSEE STOOOPPP...."
His actions continued unabated, completely ignoring her pleas, his pace never slowing or speeding. He pulled out halfway and thrust back in, pulled out and thrust in, over and over again until she thought she would go crazy. Eventually, though, her cunt got used to the size and she found herself somewhat enjoying the feel, liking the way the demon's huge red cock filled her up like nothing else could. Her tongue hung from her mouth and slowly her cries of pain evolved to moans of pleasure, and she found herself bucking back in time with the demon's thrusts. When the demon pulled himself completely out of her and retreated, she slumped to the ground, exhausted and awash with mixed emotions of disappointment and shame.
Cody came and knelt by her, smiling. "Very good job, Cris. I'm impressed, really. I think you've earned something nice as a reward."
He gently turned her over onto her back and lifted her legs over his shoulders. She watched him through blurry vision, unsure of what to make of this, and unable to do anything about it regardless. She bent her head back with a soft whimper at the feel of his tongue on her clit. Closing her eyes, she accepted the sensation and arched her back, almost pleading for more. Cody rubbed his tongue in tiny circles around her clit, teasing it as he reached up to tweak one of her nipples gently. She shivered and licked her lips, moaning quietly. His tongue roamed down from her clit, meeting with her ravaged hole and licking up the leftover traces of blood from her freshly ripped walls. It lapped at the outside before invading the hole and flicking about inside, tickling and bringing forth new juices. "Mmm, you taste very sweet, Cris. I like it a lot..." He grinned as she moaned in answer and brought his fingers from her nipple to her clit, squeezing and twisting it gingerly. She shivered again and cried out, her thighs tensing as it became apparent she approached a climax.
Cody halted and placed her back on the ground and she cooled off, panting heavily and blushing deeply. "Very good Cris. But we're far from finished, I'm afraid. Here's another round - take the other stuka for twenty minutes without complaining and you'll be rewarded again. I know you can do it." He motioned for the second stuka to take her and she stared up at him in fear.
"Please no... not again..." She managed to turn herself over and tried to crawl away, but only scurried a couple inches before she was grabbed by the hair and hoisted around. Kneeling in front of her, the stuka smirked and rubbed his already hard, shiny cock and pressed it to her lips. She clenched her teeth and turned her face away. "No," she murmured through her teeth, "Please... don't..."
The demon grabbed her face and pushed his fingers into her cheeks, forcing her jaw open and pushed himself into her mouth. She gagged on the bitter taste but was shown no mercy as he pushed the tip against the back of her throat and held it there for a moment before pulling back out and pushing back in slowly, mimicking the actions of the first without the heavy slamming. She struggled not to choke and vomit, tears streaming from her eyes. Her defiler pulled on her hair just enough to force her to look up at his ugly smirking face, causing her tears to come more rapidly as he pumped in and out of her mouth. When it finally became apparent that she was fairly used to the feeling against the back of her throat, he pushed her head down some and pushed himself down her throat without warning, forcing her to take his every inch. Her eyes bugged and she gagged, nails scraping at the stones beneath her in desperation. After his first two or three thrusts down her throat, she was unable to keep down her gag reflex and she dry heaved around his cock. The lack of substance in her stomach kept anything from coming up but her tears increased all the same and now a bit of mucus joined the wet mess of her face. Ignoring her body's rejection, the stuka continued his onslaught over and over. Finally, she collapsed to the ground, her upper body only held up by the demon gripping her hair. He released her and let her fall to the ground, stepping back from her. Her entire body trembled and her eyes were half-closed, face a mess and body drenched in sweat despite the cool air of the dungeon.
Cody chuckled softly and knelt beside her, brushing some hair out of her face. "Good job, Cris. Another reward is in order I think."
He produced a small vibrating bullet from his pocket and lifted her hips up. Twisting the device, it began to whir excitedly and he placed it up against her clit. She closed her eyes and moaned quietly in response, toes curling in and thighs tensing up. He teased her a bit with the toy, sliding it up and down her slit before inserting it into her pussy, pushing it somewhat deep. Resting his hands on her thighs, he leaned down and dragged his tongue along her slit, pinching her clit between two fingers and playing with it. She gave a low moan and shivered, pussy flexing around the bullet. A small gasp escaped her and her hips drooped slightly, weakly. "..C-Cody," she whispered. Another moan followed as he twisted her clit and sucked on her outer lips, tongue flicking just inside her hole. She tensed and moaned loudly, foreshadowing a climax, and this time Cody continued. His tongue flicked up and down rapidly, almost matching the rhythm of the bullet inside her and he pulled gently on her clit. Her lips quivered and she cried out as she came, leaking juices and exposing the edge of the bullet from her cunt. Cody lapped up her liquids before dislodging the bullet and turning it off.
"Mmm." He stood and backed away. "You're such a cute thing. Almost a shame to have to give you up to Lord Evero." A smile formed on his lips as her hips sank to the floor and she lay there panting. "Well, you know the rules by now. But this time it'll be two stukas and if you can go twenty minutes without complaining, I'll give you a really good reward this time. I'm sure you'll like that." He motioned to the two and they grinned hungrily, moving for her.
She didn't even seem to be aware of their approach this time, merely laying there and flopping about like a ragdoll when they lifted her up. She set up on her hands and knees and the pair took their places kneeling in front of and behind her. One pressed against her cunt as the other lifted her face and pushed himself into her mouth. As the second pumped in and out of her mouth, touching the back of her throat as before, the first broke into her pussy and buried himself completely inside her. They established a rhythm, one pulling out as the other pushed in, and soon the cock in her mouth was forcing itself down her throat fully. Her gagging was less powerful as it had been before and the cock inside her vagina actually felt good, filling her up. She closed her eyes and fell to the lust, moaning in pleasure and grasping the base of the cock invading her throat. There was nothing to live for anymore. She had been entirely ravaged and the only person she thought cared about her had betrayed her so thoroughly, there was no going back to the life she had before. Her eyes opened just slightly as the last few tears escaped her and she shuddered.
Her thighs tensed up and she bucked back against the demon behind her, grinding against him with each of his inward thrusts. Simultaneously, she savored the taste of the demon cock in her mouth, sliding her tongue along the smooth flesh and actively pushing it down her throat herself. Her moans transformed into cries and her eyes rolled up in ecstasy, taking her new life and running with it.
Cody grinned almost ecstatically. She finally broke. Everytime the succubus saw it happen, she only loved it all the more.
Cody called off the demons, who retreated and moved away. He went to the panting Cris and knelt in front of her, lifting her face up by the chin and smiling down at her. "So Cris... how do you feel, hm?"
She stared up at him, eyes distant. "More... more please..."
"Well beautiful, I don't think you're the one in position to be making demands. How about we start with calling me 'master'?"
"Yes master... please more..."
He smirked darkly. "You did do such a good job, I think you deserve a very nice reward..." He lifted a hand up and motioned to the demons, who licked their lips and moved in.
One lifted her up with ease and took her on top of him in a reverse-missionary position and wasted no time in burying his cock deep into her cunt. She cried out and spread her legs wide over his hips, taking him into her soaking, stretched pussy. The other demon positioned himself behind her and rubbed the tip of his cock against her asshole, grinning in greedy anticipation. He managed to fit the tip of the head into her ass, then gripped her hips and thrust hard, forcing a good few inches inside. She screamed in agony as she felt herself stretch unimaginably, eyes widening and mouth gaping as screech after screech tore from her throat. As the first demon ravaged her cunt with quick, deep pumps, the second grunted through gritted teeth as he continued to work himself into her tight ass. Her eyes squeezed shut, leaking tears of anguish, and she collapsed on her elbows. The first stuka growled quietly and grasped her hair, pulling her into a deep, sloppy kiss.
After what seemed an eternity, the second finally managed to get himself completely inside her. Grinning at his accomplishment, he slowly pulled back out to the base of his head and spit into his hand, then rubbed it along the shaft of his huge member. This time he squeezed back in with more ease and he gasped in pleasure at the intense tightness of her hole. Cris shuddered, her face hot with humiliation and agony, tears falling steadily from her face. Her screams had degraded to hoarse cries and sobs and she managed to pull herself back up from the first, escaping his fierce tongue. Entire body trembling, she didn't know how much more she could take. The pain was immense, the feeling of being stretched so taut seemed to threaten to destroy her from the inside out.
The two stukas continued their thrusting at an uneven yet unrelenting pace, the second now pumping steadily in and out of her anus like a horny mutt. Slowly, the stabbing pangs gave way as her body weakened and relaxed. Her cries diminished to loud moans and her eyes rolled up, succumbing to the intense pleasure of being completely filled up by both enormous cocks. One hand found her breast and she squeezed it, pinching her nipple and trembling in heightening pleasure between the two monsters.
Cody grinned and knelt before her, freeing his own hardened cock from his pants and rubbing it in front of her face. She panted up at him like someone who had completely lost their mind and he smiled at her before plunging his cock into her mouth. Her cries were muffled as he slid his hands through her hair and pumped his hips, forcing himself completely down her throat in rapid thrusts. She gaped her mouth around his invading cock and gazed up at him, the cries escaping her throat serving to vibrate his dick just slightly everytime he pushed back in. "Mmm, that's a good girl," he murmured, gripping her hair and forcing her to take every inch of him again and again.
Sweat leaked from her body, somehow present despite her sorry state of dehydration, and every second she got weaker and weaker from the intensity of her brutal session. The trio of males continued to pound her from all sides for ages, forcing more liquids from almost every hole in her body and making her go hoarse from her unending cries. Finally, much to what would have been her relief had she still been close to sanity, the second demon grunted and grabbed tight onto her ass as he gave one final rough shove and sprayed mightily deep inside her anus, his almost unbearably hot seed filling her up as each spurt unleashed an impressive load. Halfway through this one's climax, the first growled loudly and pumped hard, making her body jump a few times before halting and exploding his own enormous load inside her cunt. Cris mustered a scream, albeit muffled by Cody's cock which was still going strong, eyes widening as the demons' ejaculation flooded her, spilling out around their throbbing cocks and dribbling down her legs.
Cody chuckled quietly at her expression and decided to finish her off. He gripped the hair at the back of her head with one hand and bent it back, forcing her to look up at him as he gritted his teeth and pounded her throat mercilessly. Panting heavily, he closed his eyes and sped up just slightly before slamming himself as far down as he possibly could and released deep into her throat, coating the inside with his warm come. His eyes shot open, pupils narrowed to slits and his mouth twisted up in a wild smirk at the tears streaming down his victim's face as she stared up at him and forcibly swallowed every drop of his semen, her throat working around his pulsing cock.
He pulled away from her and regained his composure, refastened his pants, brushing himself off and motioning to the stukas. The one behind her moved away while the one under her carelessly pushed her off and stood, following the other to stand behind Cody, both sporting very satisfied grins. Cris fell over onto her back and simply lay there in her sticky mess, staring up at the ceiling, practically comatose. Cody crossed his arms and smiled. "Thanks for that, babe. I guess we won't be seeing each other anymore, which is a bit of a shame, but I suppose we should just let bygones be bygones. Have a happy life."
With that, he turned and led the two demons out, their exit punctuated by the squealing metal door, leaving Cris to merely lay hollow-minded in her puddle of ejaculation.

-contents: suicide attempt

Chapter 19
"Ahh Cody. We meet again."
Cody lifted himself up off the floor at the familiar voice. Turning to face her, he glared at her coldly. "What the fuck do you want?"
The succubus grinned and placed a hand to one hip. "Why so serious? You know, I realized that I hadn't even introduced myself to you yet. My name is-"
"I really don't give a flying fuck who you are. All I want from you is to go fucking die, preferably in a painful way."
"My, someone is harboring some strong feelings." She smiled teasingly. "Well in any case, I thought you may be interested to know that your human has been successfully broken."
Cody's eyes narrowed. "You're bluffing."
"No no, I don't bluff. I'm quite sincere when I give information, I assure you. No, she was a little tough, but after everything Malik did to her, it really wasn't all that hard. Especially when I introduced her to your, shall we say, evil twin." She laughed obnoxiously.
"You fucking bitch..."
"Don't worry Ineith, she's going to a very good home. She'll be taken care of and she'll have a wonderful life. That's more than some people can say, you know."
He merely stared at her stonily, fists clenched at his sides, blood boiling.
"I was honestly hoping you would agree to be my consort after I broke the darling little girl. What do you say hm? I love the strength of your anger, we could have lots of fun together harnessing that."
"...Go to fucking hell."
She frowned slightly and shrugged. "Well okay then. Your alternative route is Rae's guinea pig until he kills you, either through his experiments or when he doesn't need you anymore. Personally I like my offer better than his, buuut... I suppose you could call me bias." She laughed again.
Cody turned and slammed a hand loudly on a nearby table. "Get the fuck out."
The succubus huffed. "Fine. Have it your way, fool." She vanished in a burst of green flame, leaving him alone.
A tear slid down Cody's cheek as he stood facing the wall, hand still on the table, now keeping him from collapsing. It was done, the thing he strived to prevent. He couldn't face Cris now, not after everything she'd been through, not after what she thought he had done to her. He felt utterly hopeless, lost, useless. There was no point now. The guilt was unbearable, from allowing his assignment, his first assignment no less, be kidnapped and corrupted to the point of breaking, from being beaten by not only a vampire, but also a lousy demon that even raped him, from just generally being a fuck-up from the beginning. He sighed and closed his eyes. "That's it, then."
He went to one of the doors and opened it, vaguely surprised it wasn't locked like the door leading out of the room. The balcony was a dead end, being a good 50 feet up from the ground below, but it was still a way out. Resigning himself, Cody went to the fence enclosing the balcony and climbed up on top of it, standing there and staring out at the beautiful scenery. There were worse things to see right before you die, he figured.
"You're not planning to do what I think you are, are you?"
Cody whirled around in shock, lost his footing and tumbled over the edge. In a split second, he felt someone grab his wrist, stopping him from plummeting to his death. He looked up to see someone unfamiliar leaning over the fence, gazing down at him. An Ineith...?
"Man, you almost lost it there. Good thing I caught you in time." The stranger grinned.
Cody stared at him suspiciously for a moment before allowing himself to be hoisted back up to the balcony. He looked the newcomer up and down and frowned. "Who are you..?"
The new Ineith had brown hair that almost obscured his dark blue eyes, his ears and tail matching his hair color. A thick black chain hung around his neck and he wore loose casual clothing, a gray shirt and baggy pants made of a material akin to humans' denim. His posture was strange, like that of someone who was just some ordinary joe but seemed to have a subtle air of power or intelligence that was difficult to discern for certain. He stuck his hand out with a smile. "My name's Ku. I understand you must be Cody, the Guardian Association agent assigned to the human known as Cris?"
Cody narrowed his eyes. "How do you know that?"
"I'm with the GA. Headquarters had no idea where you or your assignment had disappeared to, hadn't heard from you and couldn't get in contact with you, so they sent me to track you down. It wasn't easy, either." He smiled mildly and lowered his hand. "It's a good thing I showed up when I did though. You'd be useless to the GA if you were dead."
Cody shook his head and crossed his arms, looking away. "What.. what are you doing here? You know where you are right now? You better get out of here before you get caught up in this shit as much as we are already..."
"Come on, pessimism doesn't get anyone anywhere," he grinned. "I found you, so let's go find your assignment now. She's in this mansion somewhere, but not for long. The noble she was supposed to be sold to has been assassinated and there's guards all over the place, so Rae won't keep her around for long. The last thing he needs is to be discovered doing things vampires are infamous for doing."
"It's too late."
Ku frowned. "What do you mean it's too late?"
His hands clenched at his sides and he closed his eyes. "She's... she's been broken already. There's probably no getting her back now... and it's my fault..."
Ku grasped the other Ineith's shirt and shook him slightly. "Shut up and come on you idiot. I have a memory-suppressing device. We have to go while there's still time." With that, he turned and marched inside.
Cody sighed and followed, unable and unwilling to continue resisting. Deep down he still had hope there was still a way to save Cris. He found Ku placing some kind of items on the door leading out, then pushing some buttons on a small control pad. He stepped back and pushed another button; instantly the items sent out a visible electric pulse and the door opened as if by magic. Ku smiled. "Alright let's go." He rushed out and, now at least somewhat impressed by this new character, followed suit.

-contents: safe

Chapter 20
"WHAT?" Rae turned and slammed a fist into the arm of his throne, cracking it with a loud crash. "What do you mean he's been assassinated?!"
The succubus smirked mildly and crossed her arms over her black corset. "He's dead. It happened this morning while I was training your human. I just found out about it from a contact. Sorry Rae, but that girl is pretty much useless to you now."
The vampire clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, his rage dangerously close to erupting. Almost as suddenly as he had punched his chair, he brought a hand up to his forehead and let out a deep sigh, forcibly relaxing his muscles. "It's fine... You'll get your payment Cerise. And I'll get some profit out of that creature, even if I have to pull a few strings..."
The succubus beamed. "That's the Rae I like so much, opportunistic and true to his word. No rush on those gems, I'll be a bit busy for a while. Just send them to me whenever you get them."
Rae nodded wearily and waved her dismissal, sitting down on his now damaged throne. She left his presence in her customary green fire. Rubbing his temples, he sighed, before murmuring, "Shafim."
Instantly, a pair of ardats appeared in puffs of smoke and bowed before him. "Go wash the girl, clean her up as much as you can, salve the wounds on her back. And bleach her hair." They bowed before him and disappeared the same way they entered.
Cody struggled to keep up with Ku as they rushed through the corridors of one of the manor's upper levels. "Don't you think we should be a little more careful than this? We could be caught..."
"I think Rae has more important matters on his mind right now. Besides, I wouldn't worry about guards or anything like that, he doesn't have patrols wandering the manor. He's not the type of person to rely on guards."
Cody silently cursed himself for being slow the first time he escaped. He could have been significantly faster and may have had a chance at saving Cris.
"Don't worry, we'll find her," his partner said, as if reading his mind.
The blonde Ineith frowned but pushed down his suspicions of this Ku character. He was obviously on his side and at this point he had little other choice than to trust him. It certainly helped that he seemed to know exactly what he was doing.
They walked down the halls, pausing occasionally as Ku tried to get his bearings and figure out where to turn next. It wasn't very long before they halted in front of a set of large, articulately carved wooden double doors. Ku placed a hand on Cody's shoulder. "Listen, there's probably gonna be some kind of demons in here. I'll take one and you take the other, and we'll be home free after that, so don't screw up, got it?"
Cody nodded and Ku turned, paused, and aimed an impressive kick at the edges of the two doors, crashing them open. Immediately, he charged in, closely followed by Cody. They found themselves in an enormous, decadent bath house complete with a waterfall, hot tub, and small pool. The area was simply breathtakingly beautiful with a high domed ceiling, lush exotic plants in pots and long planters, and lit scented candles wafting sweet smells of vanilla and herbs.
The atmosphere was a stark contrast to the situation. A pair of ardats were diligently bathing a naked and blonde Cris in a large stone tub. They looked up in shock as the doors crashed open and screeched in rage, darting at the two Ineith. The two split up as previously discussed, Ku taking one and Cody distracting the other. The fight was quick and easy against the fairly weak ardats, Ku dodging a few kicks and landing a hard blow to the head and Cody wasting little time in dispatching his adversary with a swift kick to the ribs.
They ran up to the tub where Cris sat in a blank stupor, her hair cleanly bleached and her naked body mostly smelling of rosewater. "Oh my god," Cody murmured, moving a strand of her hair and staring at her face. "Look at her... fucking look at her, she's completely out of it!"
"Get a hold of yourself," Ku snapped. He pulled a small rectangular device from his pocket and began fiddling with it quietly. "Get her out of that tub, will you?"
Cody hesitated momentarily before touching her shoulder gently. "...C-Cris?.. Can you come out of the tub for me? Please?..."
Cris looked up at him slowly, her eyes distant. "Yes master.." Cody clenched his teeth as she weakly climbed out of the bath. His shock doubled as she knelt on all fours in front of him and reached for his pants, lifting her hips and exposing herself to Ku. The brunette Ineith glanced at her and blushed faintly before turning away, while Cody grabbed her hands and moved back away from her. "No!.. Don't do that.. fuck, hurry up with that goddamn thing - please..."
"Yeah yeah, I almost have it..." Ku pushed a few final buttons before nodding. "Okay, ready. Hold on to her."
He walked over to her and Cody gripped her upper arms carefully, staring at her with mixed emotions as she merely looked back at him blankly. Ku nestled the tip of the device against her temple and pressed a button on the side. A jolt caused Cris' body to fling to the side, and Cody caught her in his arms. Her eyes closed and her body went limp, and Cody's eyes widened. "What... what did you do... you-you fucking killed her! You..."
"Calm down," Ku responded evenly as he pressed a few buttons on the device and placed it back in his pocket. "She's still alive, she's just unconscious. She'll come to in about an hour or so, so let's get out of here." As if acting on a side thought, he removed his shirt and handed it to to his companion. "And put that on her."
Cody sighed and took it, gingerly dressing her in it and pulling it down as far as possible over her hips. He stood, picking her up as he rose, and nodded to Ku. "Let's go."
Ku took yet another device from his seemingly endless stash, this time a plane ripper. He played with it for a moment and pointed it in front of him, conjuring up the familiar black hole that grew to just the right size in midair. He motioned to Cody to go through, then followed him closely.
Footsteps echoed just under the whirring noise of the portal and Rae appeared at the broken doors to the bath house. He stood motionless and watched as the vortex shrunk and disappeared from view, leaving the room silent aside from the steady waterfall in the background. A small smirk formed on his lips, his fangs protruding, and he crossed his arms as the two ardats slowly stirred in pain on the floor.
"...Well played," he muttered to himself, greatly looking forward to his revenge.

-contents: safe

Chapter 21
The two Ineith dropped onto soft white sand, the portal closing immediately behind them. The darkness of deep night enveloped the beach they had landed on, the tide washing peacefully up on the shore. Cody looked around at the apparently tropical coast and frowned at Ku in uncertainty.
"Where are we..?"
"We're on a private beach in Hawaii. Don't worry, her memories of the last two weeks have been suppressed and replaced with false ones. When she wakes up, she'll think you two have been on a cruise the entire time. She should be fine, but..." He hesitated and looked away.
Cody narrowed his eyes. "...But what?"
"But... memories have been known to resurface. Just.." He looked back over at Cody, concerned. "Just be careful with her, is all. She's still fragile even though she shouldn't remember anything that happened to her."
The blonde Ineith held her closer to himself and sighed. "You think I don't know that," he murmured.
"...Well, I need to report back to the GA. You have a room booked here at this resort, already paid for," he motioned to the enormous white piece of architecture a short way off the beach. "It's good for the next three days, so just rest for a bit before you head home. Sorry, but you'll have to buy the plane tickets back home. Maya said this was your fuck-up, and that you should pay for it..." His ears drooped a little, guilt playing in his eyes. "Cody... I'm really sorry for what happened to you. And Cris. Please let me know if you need anything at all."
Cody gazed at him, speechless, and Ku smiled meekly. Lifting his ripper, he pressed a couple buttons and another vortex opened up in the air. Ku looked back at them briefly before stepping through, the portal closing back up a few moments later.
He turned his gaze down at Cris and sighed. His job had gotten a whole lot harder from this experience, but with his newfound feelings for her, he swore silently to himself he would never allow anything bad to ever happen to her again. After a moment, he turned and headed slowly across the sand toward the resort.
Cody turned quickly from the window at the sound of Cris stirring and went to her side, kneeling by the king bed. He had carried her into the resort reception area and, ignoring a couple uneasy and suspicious stares, took her up to their pre-booked room. The suite was on the fifth floor and was exceptional, very large and boasting an enormous picture window overlooking the beach he had brought Cris from.
The girl groaned quietly and rose groggily to a sitting position, rubbing her head and closing her eyes. "Ugh... what the hell... did I get drunk or something..?"
The Ineith hesitated, unsure how to play his new role in spite of everything he'd just been through. "Er... yeah," he muttered quietly. "You drank a lot and passed out. Sorry.."
She frowned for a second, then reached down and lifted the strange shirt she was wearing to find herself completely nude underneath. Blushing fiercely, she whipped it back down and leapt from the bed, staring at Cody. "The fuck?! Did you fucking take advantage of me or something??"
Cody jumped to his feet and held his hands out defensively, gawking at her in terror. "N-No! Of course not! I swear! I didn't touch you!"
"Then how the hell did I get naked... and where did this shirt come from?..."
He looked at her in exasperation before dropping his arms. "Uh... well we were at a club," he brought a hand up to rub the back of his head awkwardly. "And... you drank a lot and got pretty wasted and you started... uh... taking your clothes off... so I brought you back here... yeah." He was blushing faintly.
His companion stared him down for a few moments before sighing and trying to pull the shirt further down her thighs. "Well, I guess that might be something I would do... I get so fucking stupid when I'm drunk." Without waiting for an answer, she turned and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.
Cody breathed heavily and sunk to the bed, sitting on the edge. It seemed the memory suppresor worked. Suddenly, he was jolted back to a standing position as a shriek sounded from the bathroom. He sprang to the door and banged on it loudly. "CRIS? Cris are you okay??"
"What the fuck!!" Her voice was somewhat muffled by the shut door, but she didn't open it. "What happened to my goddamn hair? Oh my fucking god... I look like a fucking... oh my god..." Her voice diminished into whimpers as she continued. The door was yanked open, causing Cody to pull back in surprise. He was met with a severely pissed face. "You prick! You're supposed to be my guardian, but look at my hair! It's ruined! FUCK." Just as suddenly as it had opened, it slammed shut again.
A pang of guilt went through him and he slumped a little. There were a lot more things than just her hair he felt was his fault. He supposed it was a good thing the foremost problem on her mind was her bleached hair, though. With a sigh, he resigned himself back to the bed and sat down, covering his face with his hands. There was going to be a lot to get through in the coming months, a lot to hide from Cris, and a lot of work to do to keep her from remembering anything unsavory. As he sat thinking, the sheer exhaustion of his body became evident and he lay down on his back without thinking. All that running around and fighting and despair had robbed him of everything, it seemed. Sleep quickly caught up with him and he faded out where he lay, breathing quietly.
Shortly after, Cris came out of the bathroom, scowling. She stopped on seeing Cody laying there asleep and briefly considered kicking his foot to wake him. Hunger pains were cramping her stomach so bad, she thought she hadn't eaten for days and she figured sending the Ineith out for food would be fitting punishment for letting her dye her hair such a horrendous color. But as she gazed at him sleeping there, it dawned on her that he looked dreadfully tired for some reason. Had she really been that much trouble? She didn't feel all that drunk or hungover, but maybe it had been hours before. Another cramp ripped at her stomach and she abandoned her thoughts for food. Throwing on a pair of pajama pants, she kept the shirt on; she still had no idea where it had come from, but something about it made her feel comfortable. She liked the smell. Dismissing everything, she snorted and walked out on a mission for food.
Cody faded back some hours later to find the room dark. He remembered he had fallen asleep and sat up quickly, looking around. Cris lay on the other side of the bed, sleeping deeply and almost pushed to the edge because he had been stretched horizontally. Again, guilt disturbed him; even though she had obviously been furious with him earlier, she still sacrificed her own comfort to keep from waking him up. Being with such a generous, different girl hurt him all the more considering everything she'd been forced to endure in the past weeks. Gazing at her still form put him at peace, though, at least somewhat and he pushed his thoughts aside. Laying down next to her, he wrapped one arm around her and nestled close, holding her.
It didn't matter now. Nothing bad would ever happen to her again, not as long as he was around. His guardian assignment became something else, something more. He felt close to her, almost as if he had been around her his whole life. Things may seem normal on the surface to her due to her forced amnesia, but everything would be entirely different for him. His strong emotions lingered as he slowly fell back asleep, clutching Cris protectively on the bed of a Hawaiian beach resort.