Set in the modern age, this sultry on-going project explores the possibilities of what could happen if our plane of existence was able to make physical contact with other planes of existence. Several fantasy-style races mix with mythological creatures, new worlds, and a lot of drama to create a text universe around a journalist named Cris. Written with a more mature crowd in mind, these stories can be just as dark and disturbing as they can be playful and feel-good. Full of scenes that range from erotic to full-blown explicit, the weak stomached and easily offended should tread with extreme caution, if not navigate away entirely.

I used to write these stories when I was an emotional, lonely teenager; now I write them as an emotional, lonely adult. In all seriousness, though, who doesn't like a good erotic piece to stir the imagination, pick up a few ideas, and get the juices flowing? This series follows a strong, wealthy young journalist who gets all the guys and all the good sex through her tribulations, achievements, and misadventures (mostly tribulations).

I've never liked the adage 'Curiosity killed the cat.' So for those who'd like to look with a bit of a safety net, I've added disclaimers with contents at the beginning of each chapter.